All You Antis, Aren't You Ashamed . . . . .

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Canary42 | 12:03 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | Health & Fitness
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Anti-vaxers, anti-maskers, anti-isolaters, anti-lockdowners, and all you other weird antis, aren't you ashamed when you read stuff like this.

Will you actually read it all, or just shrug and stick your silly little heads back in the sand ?

What is your motto - See no Covid, hear no Covid, speak no Covid - you bunch of monkeys.


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I have read it. I'm not sure I've seen anyone claiming to be any of those, on this site, canary. A few with doubts or different ideas about the best way forward. But nobody denying it.
I really dislike those kind of angry articles from health carers, as the majority aren't that judgemental- they understand and do their jobs. It looks bad on the vast majority getting on with it, without the attitude.
Of course they're not! They are under the illusion it won't happen to them!
Being rude to people who don't agree with you is not going to start a sensible civilised exchange of views.
I guess if the people he's talking about are now patients they might have changed their minds.
//What is your motto - See no Covid, hear no Covid, speak no Covid - you bunch of monkeys.//

I don't know anybody on here who has demonstrated that mindset. But I know a number of people (both here and elsewhere) who hold different opinions to the only ones that seem acceptable. One of them is my cousin. She is vehemently against the wearing of masks by untrained and undisciplined people. So much so that she has forbidden her two sons (aged 9 and 13)to wear them (and has had a run in with one of their school's headteacher). But she ain't no monkey. She is the nursing director (aka "matron") of a large West Country hospital and has spent much of her working life donned in PPE when working in operating theatres and ICUs. What she doesn't know about PPE and its correct usage is about as much as I do know. So there's room for all opinions without being abusive.
naomi - // I guess if the people he's talking about are now patients they might have changed their minds. //

I'm sure they will!

Part of living in a free society, is dealing with other people who simply don't view the world in the same way - and getting angry and frustrated with them is never going to win them round to a specific point of view - quite the opposite.

I for instance, am forced to live in a world with people whose opinions on almost everything else I value and respect, who think that Ann Robinson is a valuable addition to Countdown.

It takes all sorts!!
Is this a joke, Canary? It’s just so hard to tell and when people get it wrong, you’re not happy
I think if you'd been one of the very few who'd experienced unexpected death or severe illness following the vaccine - and there have been some, perfectly normal non-idiots - you wouldn't be so rude about them. Some anti-vaxers I have sympathy with.
Err indoors, meets this woman regularly whilst dog walking who's a right Tin Hatter, anti vaxxer etc. The sad thing is she has asthma!
Me too, prudie. It isn't 100% safe for everybody, which is why it has to be a free choice, without bribery and corruption.
NJ, I agree with her- we literally to have training sessions on what and how to use PPE- masks don't even come into it. But, I have still worn one everywhere required.
Ironically, they may have more use now, with more vaccinated, as sneezing is a symptom then.
"Aren't You Ashamed"

Well perhaps the Americans that this American ICU physician and researcher is talking about may be ashamed; their private health care system had numerous problems.

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All You Antis, Aren't You Ashamed . . . . .

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