Why Do Gyms Have Car Parks ?

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Canary42 | 21:40 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | Health & Fitness
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Why don't the punters run or even walk there. As it is they drive there, spend ages running miles on a machine, then drive home again.


The Gym business has certainly found a niche of mugs to exploit.


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because you do much more in the gym than run, plus running inside in the warm, dry and light whilst watching the telly is preferable
good point Canary! you're on a roll me old china!
TBF why do Gyms even exist?
If the Gym is central and easily accessible then you have a point, if it's out of town accessed by a busy dual carriageway then not as simple.
And some people go on the way to or from work
More to the point, why do pubs have car parks?
I was working on a travel survey in Ipswich, of the type where the police pull over a queue of cars and we guys in hi-vis vests, clutching our clipboards, ask drivers loads of questions about their journeys.

One driver told me his home location and the address of the gym he was travelling to, as he did every morning. They were just a mile apart. In response to the question "If your car wasn't available for you to use for this journey today, how would you get to your destination?", his response was "I just wouldn't go. I couldn't possibly get there any other way".

You don't have to drink to enter a pub (forget Covid for this answer).
I used to go to a gym which was out of the way in a non-residential area so only really accessible by car, my friend and I would go together in her car a few times a week. It was a really good gym, decent price membership and, in addition to the main gym itself, a nice big swimming pool and health suite facilities, as well as lots of good classes. It was a really good option compared to other places.
Exactly Eve, it's easy to assume that everyone who attends a gym is fit and able bodied - not always the case.
why don't more pubs call themselves
The Gym ?
They can jonny provided they have parallel bars
Children's buggies. What's that all about? They've got more energy than their parents, and they need to burn it off.
No wonder there's an obesity crisis. Ban them. I say.
Maybe it's because they're embarrassed about how they look in their skimpy gym gear which emphasises all the blubber.
My friend has no legs and finds walking incredibly painful. He drives to the gym, does weight lifting as his upper body strength is vital and swims.
If the gym didn't have a car park he wouldn't be able to go
Don't forget the staff - they may not be local and most gyms open very early and close late at night when public transport may not be available
When I was a regular gym bunny I went every morning on my way to work, couldn't have done if I couldn't drive to it.
JD: "More to the point, why do pubs have car parks?" - just in case they ever get self driving cars to work!
22.07 lol
22.32 thats a point hoppy, i see loads of kids being pushed around in buggies, well beyond toddler age, i think its because the parents cant be bothered to spend time walking with them, and its also the quicker option.

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Why Do Gyms Have Car Parks ?

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