Just Been Chatting To Mrs B. For An Hour Or So .....

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Baldric | 21:05 Mon 25th Jan 2021 | Health & Fitness
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..... this is her 8th night back in Hospital, no visiting etc.
Don't seem to know what the problem is at moment.


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Oh, baldric... I wish her all the best xx hope they work it out very soon.
Sending much hope for both of you Baldric x
She's in again? So sorry to hear.
Can you, or would you, do video calls? Might make it a bit nicer for her.
I hope the cause is discovered soon, and she can come back home.
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Thanks Bobbie and Pixie and Pasta
Sorry to hear that, chatting will keep her spirits up - hope she's home soon.
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Sorry Pasta, they are video calls, should have said.
My mum was in and out of hospital in her last years. It unsettled both my mum and dad and stressed both of them greatly.

I hope you get Mrs B back soon, she has a rough time in the last few years.
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Thanks Wolf.
So sorry to hear this. Hope she’s home soon.
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Thank you Chrissa.
What symptoms caused the admittance to hospital?
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A fall, landing face first, lovely black eye for a day or 6.
Wasn’t she away at her brother’s last weekend? Hope she is home soon
Poor thing. I wish her well. What a worry for you all.
Barry, indeed she and her husband( baldric) were at the brothers for the weekend .
Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery and prompt return home.
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They came home on Sunday, she went in Monday evening, Monday to Monday inclusive is 8 nights, the problem is?
oh dear Balders, hope things are sorted very soon x
So sorry to hear this Baldric, best wishes for a speedy recovery x
Hope they can sort Mrs. B. soon, and she can come home. Best wishes.

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Just Been Chatting To Mrs B. For An Hour Or So .....

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