Low Calorie Porridge?

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cleoval | 19:33 Tue 22nd Dec 2020 | Health & Fitness
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Hi Does anybody have any Porridge Recipes with Calories and Protein please.I am on a Diet and Calorie Counting.Thanks.


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Oats, water, salt ?
Then your favourite high protein low calorie topping.
These low-calorie breakfast recipes, from the BBC Good Food website, include some porridge options:

This would appeal to me:
I make my porridge with 30g porridge oats, water and salt. Once cooked I top it with fresh fruit (usually raspberries or blueberries) and a splash of milk.
I normally make my porridge with a milk substitute eg soya or the almond drink. And add a banana, walnuts and 2 satsumas.

Porridge itself is low in sugar, salt and fat, it's the stuff that's added to give it flavour that adds calories.

My method: 4 heaped tbsp of Jumbo porridge oats, soaked in water over night, then add enough water so it swishes in the pan, a sprinkle of salt. Bring to the boil, low simmer for 5 minutes, stirring. Pour into a bowl and leave for a couple of minutes. a little sugar and cover with cold semi milk.
You could try overnight oats.
In a bowl or a jar, layer jumbo oats with plain Greek yogurt, a handful of berries, and maybe a sprinkling of toasted seeds or nuts. Cover, leave overnight, stir and eat in the morning.
You can add a sprinkling of cinnamon, cocoa powder, or a bit of vanilla extract too.
No sugar!!
I also tend to make mine the night before.
I cook my overnight oats, 2 minutes in the microwave

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Low Calorie Porridge?

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