Not Feeling Too Good - Do You Think I Should Be Worried?

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iluvmargie | 16:15 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | Health & Fitness
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Have had a really sore throat all day since getting up and a runny nose, plus a splitting headache (I never get headaches). Thinking it was the start of a cold, I've taken Lemsip which always helps me, but not this time. I do feel really ill and not quite sure what to do.


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Do you have a temperature?
There are some right stinking colds doing the rounds at present. The one I had a few weeks back actually delayed my return to work and kept me off my feet for several days.

Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest is the best advice I can give. I hope you feel much better soon.
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I don't know, but I feel hot.
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Thank you LCG, I hope it is just a bad cold. I haven't felt this bad with a cold before.

Are you coughing, have you lost your sense of taste and/or smell?
Take your temperature and drink plenty of fluids. Carry on with the lemsip as per instructions. Are you coughing?
Monitor your symptoms as the day progresses, sounds like a nasty cold - any high fever,constant harsh cough and/or loss of taste or smell then order a home test.

That's assuming you have been out and about in mixed company.
Ring 111 Margie. x. Err it is 111 isn't it?
Have you got any paracetamol?
Its a viral infection, do all above in addition to Ibuprofen 400mgms every 6 hours.

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I'm starting to cough, still have sense of smell, don't know about taste, not hungry. Going to ring 111 as I am not feeling right. Thank you for all your replies, appreciated.
.....except ringing 111 or whatever.
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Do you think I don't need to ring 111 Sqad??
No I don't.
Do what I have suggested and onion the situation for the next 48hours.
That would be their advice.
Lol....forget the onion and replace it with
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Question Author
If I had it in me to laugh, I would have laughed at your onion
Ring 111 ????? and you're on here chatting, goodness me.
now don't you go laughing at Sqad's onion, it's not ladylike behaviour

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Not Feeling Too Good - Do You Think I Should Be Worried?

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