Dave Still Has A Headache,

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Tashi | 10:36 Sat 24th Oct 2020 | Health & Fitness
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his accident was 2 weeks ago come Monday, been to A&E and six times so far to local Surgery.
Now they say the wound is infected so he is seeing a specialist Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week, that'll sort him out, hopefully.


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first I've heard of this, hope everything works out ok

What accident?
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Sorry Danny,I should have added, he was walking around town Monday before last, a lump of tile fell from a roof and flattened him, good job it was only a piece and not a whole tile imo.
Does a week go by without some sort of accident in your household?
As a medical professional shouldn’t you be more concerned?
Your household sure gets its money's worth out of the NHS!
odd that this is the first time that we've heard about Dave being flattened by a roof tile?
Question Author
Sherr, I'm a Med Pro not a roofer.
I'm surprised the property owners haven't been slated in the press.
Baldtash // Now they say the wound is infected //

You are supposed to be an ex A&E doctor. Could you not tell the wound was infected before 'they' had a look.?

// he is seeing a specialist Monday,//

a specialist in what exactly? Infected wounds? A nurse could deal with an infected wound.

For goodness sake.......
Hopefully with a dr and 2 nurses in the house he won’t suffer
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ael. originally he asked me not to post it.
-- answer removed --
Tell Dave to get Trigger on the case
Looking at a screen will only aggravate the situation.
A nice lie down in a darkened room should help him/you get back on your heels.
Question Author
A Nurse could deal with an infected wound"

It was the Surgery Nurse who referred him yesterday.
I'm keeping off this one now. I genuinely feel sorry for this poster(s).
People wait for years to see a specialist and he's able to see one on Monday!
Of course Ellie this family apparently can just pick up the phone and be seen by specialists

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