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sirlearie | 08:28 Sat 02nd May 2020 | Health & Fitness
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help ! 2 days ago , sudden onset tinnitus ( white noise/buzzing loud ) right side .
unpleasant ++ no pain . no obvious trauma /problem /infection etc prior to this onset .
ear wax suction both ears mid - march unremarkable .
obviously i will see a specialist when covid 19 is clear but in the meantime
any thoughts / advice would be welcome as this would be inconvenient if permanent .
thanks .


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Well I have had tinnitus for years in both ears, it is like a whistling sound in your ears, always there, but you get used to it. It is not curable and there is no treatment for it. Wonder if the ear wax suction has caused some sort of infection, no idea to be honest with you. Perhaps mention to your Doctor on Monday when they are open.
I'm afraid I've had tinnitus since 2008. I had numerous scans and explorations but nothing was found that could be cured.

You do get used to it. My tinnitus is a ssssss, sssssss and I can hear my heart beating all the time.

Sorry to hear, but welcome to the club.
I read that playing white noise or similar can mask it for temporary relief. Not needed it myself as mine is low level, and unless someone reminds me, the brain has learnt to filter it out.
Good luck with the specialist diagnosis.
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thanks all . nuisance rather than painful .
will arrange medical appt. ASAP .

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