Coronavirus, I Don't Want To Worry You, But..

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Khandro | 12:10 Wed 05th Feb 2020 | Health & Fitness
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My son has a lot of business contacts in China & the far east & they're telling him that the Chinese are playing down the scale of the problem by a massive amount.


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Not a lot we can do about it, Khandro.
That's not really a surprise from any governing body, more so China, and we along with many other countries know that, hence less and less flights to China.
I'd assumed that the numbers of those infected were about 5-10 times those reported, for sure. It does look like the fatality rate isn't that high, running at about 2% currently.
And how does that compare to 'common or garden' Flu, jim?
Unless they are covering up the deaths, the fact they thousands more have probably caught this coronavirus than admitted would indicate that it’s highly infectious (which we know) but not elk that deadly.
What intrigues me is the advice from this government for people to leave China if they can.
I said all along this is a disaster movie lol

However you only have to look at the medical staff fully kitted out in biohazard suits and building a 1000 bed hospital in two weeks and everyone in isolation to know it is far worse than said.

Stock up folks.
There’s nothing like a biohazard suit to freak people out :-)
Jim, apparently they only count the ones who get to the hospital and die there.

There have been cases of people being turned away at the hospital and then died almost on the doorstep and not counted. It has been hugely underreported by China.
we can't do much about it, except be vigilant.
Even more worrying is that our own health minister will not appear on breakfast TV for an interview. refused ??
There is a complete manifest of passengers quarantined off Yokohomo. Ten cases have been disembarked to mainland. The rest await.
Hopefully, he's busy, teacake.
You obviously do want to worry us. My concern is that the 2% fatality rate is probably the proportion of the population over 75 (i.e. fatality rate in over 75s 100%, others 0% - a bit extreme but you get the picture). I'm over 75 :-(
I don't normally watch morning tv, but according to Piers Morgan this morning they are being given the cold shoulder by the government on lots of topics, refusing all interviews.
^ Thought that was just the aBBC. Interesting.
No information that comes from the Chinese government can be trusted on this or any other matter.

Having said that, I just can't get worried about this.
Well, we'll see. Difficult to know how much data from China to trust and how much not to, but even though it is undoubtedly being under-reported I'd still take fairly seriously the low(ish) fatality rate.
anyone else got what looks like spam after emmie's post at 12.25?
it's gone now :-)

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Coronavirus, I Don't Want To Worry You, But..

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