Hearing Aids!

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pussyfoot | 23:32 Wed 22nd Jan 2020 | Health & Fitness
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Hi, I'm wanting to try the new invisible hearing aids, has anyone tried them and what's your view, are they any good and worth the getting?


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Do you mean the ones the NHS supplies now? The ones with a very small over the ear bit and a tiny plastic tube going into your ear ?

If so, they're great.

If you're buying them privately, look at what the NHS can offer first.
It depends on the level of your hearing loss.
If you have mild hearing loss then these are fine. But if you have a severe loss, then these will not be suitable.
As LadyAlex says, do check out the NHS range and ensure your hearing is tested first.
If by invisible you mean the earplug type, my husband uses them and is happy with them. Definitely worth getting them. One of us might have throttled the other if he hadn’t got them.

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Hearing Aids!

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