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whitehill | 14:58 Tue 16th Apr 2019 | Health & Fitness
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My husband was discharged from hospital about 8 weeks ago after being treated for pneumonia and is about to have a final chest Xray. We are due to fly abroad in a few weeks -will the pressurised air affect him at all or is it perfectly safe? And, assuming the Xray is clear, do we have to mention this when we book the travel insurance? Thanks for any help


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ask the doctor who looks at the final CXR
and if it is adverse get him to write it down

and it depend on what the insurance questions are

altho pretty obviously if your husband needs a hsopital admission abroad, the insurance co is unlikely to pay

and finally - since I have a pretty bleuuuuch diagnosis ( cancer ) I go anyway and without insurance
I would mention it to travel insurance. When I took out insurance they wanted a medical history and had I suffered with any symptoms within the last 6 months.

I told the truth on the forms and the insurance was about the same as the year before I got ill.
the general insurance rule ( pretty strictly enforced) is that you cant insure for something you already have
If he is completely over it then flying shouldn't be a problem. You will need to tell the travel insurance company though (they might give you an option to exlude it from the policy - some companies do)
Peter, although my illness isn't life threatening and I listed my medication they insured me for it. The medication meant it was unlikely to cause a problem.

So they do insure you for an on going condition.
I agree with 237SJ.......tell the insurance company.

IF the final chest X-Ray is clear then cabin pressurisation should not be a problem.
"should NOT"
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Thank you all for your help
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