Hysteroscopy-Laparoscopy & Biopsy

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jonah hart | 16:59 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | Health & Fitness
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Hi, im booked in next week to have these treatments done, im REALLY nervous.
As anyone had these treatments before all at the same time? I expected the laparoscopy but during my pre op i was told i was having the other two done too!
I forgot to ask about after care, how long recovery is.
Any advice would be really grateful x


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The NHS website suggests that hysteroscopy (alone) has a short recovery time, with patients able to resume their normal activities the following day (or possibly after a few days rest if a general anaesthetic was used):

The site also suggests that the recovery time for laparoscopy (when used for diagnosis, such as taking a biopsy sample, rather than for treatment) is "within 5 days":

However some people seem to recover remarkably quickly from keyhole surgery. I was in hospital earlier this year, where two people on the same ward had their appendices removed via keyhole surgery. They both left the following day, with one immediately going to an optician's appointment (with plans to go shopping immediately afterwards) and the other guy planning to go straight to the shops and then onto a pub.
Clearly, I can't compete with the NHS websites.......but.......
it will vary from patient to patient. All done under local anesthesia and sedation, so you will be awake. Uncomfortable maybe but not painful.
Recovery time varies from 3-4 days and you may feel "blown up" in your abdomen and perhaps have pain in your shoulder (referred pain).
No big deal.
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Thanks so much for your replies, can't believe i didn't think to look on the nhs website.
Thanks sqad, i read it was wind that caused the pain in your shoulder, ive ordered some activated charcoal that apparently is soposed to ease the pain quicker x
I am sure your recovery will be quick - and as Dr S says - is very patient dependent

[I walked out of hospital day 2 after a hip replacement. we were all hippies and a footballer along with us had a staph infection. eek! five of us picked up our beds and walked! ( er ran)] - I was told that only a psychiatrist had ever made it out on day 1.
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Is it ok that i laughed at that Peter?
Glad you were out quickly x

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Hysteroscopy-Laparoscopy & Biopsy

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