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dunnitall | 13:59 Wed 20th Feb 2019 | Health & Fitness
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Hi, does anyone know if cellulitis can exacerbate an existing lung condition please?

I have a lung condition which causes over production of mucus (they don't know why).. and just recently it has got a lot worse...(excuse graphic detail...this morning white foamy mucus) and I had terrible trouble trying to cough it up. Never experienced it like that before. Thanks in advance for your help.


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Cellulitis is a skin condition, lung disorders are .....lung disorders and no, I cannot see any connection between the two situations...directly or indirectly.
Just found this under cellulitis complications - apparently it could affect your breathing.

One of the more common symptoms in cases of cellulitis complications is the emergence of a fever. Cellulitis on its own does not normally cause your temperature to rise so the development of a fever means that the infection is beginning to affect broader parts of the body. Other symptoms to watch out for are chills, nausea or vomiting, rapid heart rate or breathing, and muscle pain.
RR....that paragraph is describing septicaemia which clearly doesn't apply in this case and incidentally is extremely rare.
OK Sqad, I shall refrain from commenting on medical questions in future as not being a Dr.
RR....having a medical qualification isn't a preclusion in answering questions in Body and Soul or health and fitness, so please continue.
However, i feel that i have a duty to modify or question posters if i have anything relevant to say.
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Rockrose - thank you for that. I have been shivering at times when it's warm in the room, I do get muscle pain and the skin is exactly as described in the info. My GP yesterday said I had cellulitis and only antibiotics intravenously would work so he sent me with a letter to A and E. Had blood tests, ECG and chest X-ray and eventually told by the nurse (can't recall what they called...they act instead of doctor...oh jeeze I had it on tip of my tongue..). Anyway she said she wasn't convinced it was cellulitis because of blood results and all others were clear. Thankfully I wasn't kept in and she said IV antibiotics not needed. Gave me course of Flucloxillin but reading leaflet today, I'm not sure with all my other health problems it won't make my lung problem worse...
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Sqad thanks as always for your answer but I think those who have other information are just as valid. For me I look and consider all answers and options so I really prefer it that way. All relevant to me though maybe others might not think so.
No problem.
Nurse practitioner .
Having had cellulitis and been hospitalised for it - I did have breathing difficulties but I am unsure if it was now down to my size, the cellulitis or the penicillin I was given.
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Thanks Anne, exactly. Brain dead here methinks lol.
Dunnitall you side effects are in the 1 : 10000 range not impossible but also not likely.
Tony....dunnital said that her lung production of mucous started BEFORE she had taken the antibiotic and that was only yesterday, a bit early for lung complications of the drug.
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Sqad the over production of mucus I have had for a long time but just recently and especially this morning has got worse. Nothing has changed with the other meds I take and I have managed the problem. Unfortunately it's really gone "mad" this last week or so culminating this morning in this foamy white mucus that made it difficult for me to breathe. That's not happened before. This is why I wondered if I do have cellulitis and it may have made my lung problem worse.
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TonyV thanks for that link.
Thanks dunnitall.
Bronchiectasis causes an over production of mucus. Have you been tested for that?
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Hi Margaret, not recently no as it's only been worse for a week or so and much, much worse today. I wonder if it's connected with cellulitis or that exacerbates chronic lung conditions, not totally sure as I can't find a definitive answer even Googling it. I think because hospital differs from doctor's opinion yet I have all the symptoms of cellulitis, I am wondering if hospital are wrong.
Ok Sqad didn't read all the details, as you say 24 hours probably not long enough to give symptoms, but could be reaction with medication already being taken, only visit to doctor will definitely determine cause, although OP has been down that route, have to knock on his door again?

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