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Ric.ror | 17:35 Sun 17th Feb 2019 | Health & Fitness
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Just seen an advert that says (I think) clinically proven to aid weight loss

Does anyone have any thoughts as I’m struggling and I’m really not overeating or under moving


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A mate of mine (really!) tried the XLS stuff. He lost weight because it gave him the screaming abdabs - what the Germans call DurchFall. As soon as he stopped taking the stuff, the weight went straight back on again.
It is basically a Laxative! So you go to the loo and get rid of food before you have fully digested it ! There is ONLY one way to lose weight , eat less !
It would seem to fall within the type of products referred to within this article (which mentions another XLS product):

As it appears to be based upon green tea, this is well worth reading too:
You don't have to eat less...cut out the carbs though.
lol, would you buy a weight loss plan from a bloated health service...
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I was diagnosed type 2 (it’s a family thing) but lost enough weight to not have to take tablets (I take one BP tablet a day but want to get off that too)
I walk at least 3 mile 3 times a week and really don’t over eat but I do believe I have a slow metabolism for instance every day I have a salad for lunch and breakfast is 10 prunes (for bone density) and a snack sized cheese - then a slice of toast for elevensis
It may sound odd...but you may not be eating enough, or the right foods for bone density.
Instead of prunes (dried fruit is full of sugar )and a tiny bit of cheese, try a full fat yogurt with some nuts and seeds.
Make sure you get enough protein via dairy and good quality meat, plus dark leafy greens.

By how much are you overweight?
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No Pastafreak - that doesn’t sound weird because that’s exactly what the dietician said to me
I’m 5’6” and weigh 88kgs - I was 93kgs and got down to 84.5 but have put some back on

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Xls Medical Tea

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