Does Virtual Colonoscopy Hurt?

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Superiorfeline | 09:23 Tue 29th Jan 2019 | Health & Fitness
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Anyone tried it? Did you feel pain, how bad?


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I'd doubt anything virtual should hurt.

Looks like you'll need a CAT scan though.
Discomfort, but no big deal and only when air is pumped into the colon will the discomfort come to the fore.

I have never had a bowel investigation....;-)
O_G....I thought that Virtual Colonoscopy WAS a C.T scan,
Just going by the wiki description. From that I surmise the VC is what the docs do on the computer after getting data from the scan. But what do I know ?
try it ? try it?
has anyone undergoooooone it ma'am ?
yes and no and it is painless

they have to get the contrast medium to coat the gut surface still
and I have forgotten how they do that ....

but it doesnt hurt ....

Wrong Qurdyion top cat - is it the same as the normal one ?
erm yeah really

I had a proper colonscopy without anything and it wasnt bad
( taxi hadnt arrived, so I was gonna take the car and the dog stood in the way and howled so I took him - and so - - - no sedation as I wanted to drive and the dog was in the car. Master and dog arrived back safely - oh the colon was clear of cancer as well)

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Does Virtual Colonoscopy Hurt?

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