Could You Give A [4-Letter Word Beginning With S]

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Canary42 | 15:25 Thu 24th Jan 2019 | Health & Fitness
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I like the bit where she says "It's very easy to donate" - piece of [4-letter word beginning with p] I presume.


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Some fascinating research being undertake in that field, really interesting.
Have they never heard of kefir? LOL

I agree with mamy, and i would happily donate if it was requested of me.
One wonders why, if the transplanted bugs are so beneficial, and manage to get established permanently, why they didn't manage to take up residence naturally. Maybe the recipient body isn't an ideal place for them.

They'll be taking the 'P' next. ;o)
The trials of these transplants are only in the early stages O_G - I'm sure there's more to discover yet.

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Could You Give A [4-Letter Word Beginning With S]

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