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malagabob | 10:00 Fri 18th Jan 2019 | Health & Fitness
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Had my follow up hospital appointment yesterday. Was told my PSV I think the consultant called it was slightly higher than normal. But it’s not a good indicator of anything more. So I’m having a MRI scan. But I’ve read the treatment biopsy ect can cause more problems than the condition itself. Any lads had prostate problems/ treatments


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Hi Bob, I had a prostate biopsy a few years ago.They clipped out twelve pieces of the prostrate.No anaesthetic so it was a bit painful.I found out later from a different consultant that, although my PSA was 7, I did not need the biopsy as 7 was not unusual in someone of my age (late 70's at the time)
I had a biopsy about 16 years ago. That was uncomfortable rather than painful. The biposy didn't cause any problems afterwards, though the result and subsequent treatment did give me one or two difficulties.
PSA....and you are correct, it is not a good indicator of malignant disease, as it can be raised due to non malignant conditions.
In my opinion ALL patients should have an MRI scan before biopsy and the management that you are getting is the best.
Never had a prostate biopsy OR prostate problems but the procedure is uncomfortable at best.
It's most likely something called benign protastatic hyperplasia (BPH). Dr may prescribe Tamsulosin 400mcg at night.

In the case of a malignancy, sometimes it is safer to adopt a watch and wait approach than start poking around...
My father had all the tests for what turned out to be a fairly aggressive form of prostrate cancer.

The worst he said was it was uncomfortable. He's been in remission for slightly over a year now.
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Going to hospital tomorrow for the biopsy. Looking forward to it. Not really.
What is the purpose of the MRI scan - what will it show / tell the doctor ?
I had an op. last year using the new 'steam' surgery (don't know what it's called in English) Had a check a couple of weeks ago and my psa has crept back to 7.4
I have an appointment to see my urologist next month and will have to see what he suggests. At least I'm being carefully monitored, which as sqad says, all older men should do.
If you can't get a check-up on the NHS then go private if you can.

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Basically what I’ve learned Baz is. Protons in the body react to a magnetic pulse, what the MRI scanner does. They align themselves in a different way due to the pulse and realign when the pulse is off. This shows up abnormalities which can be read.
2 points:
1) will identify the exact site of tumour making biopsy more accurate. Without an MRI scan biopsies are BLIND.
2) With a high degree of certainty (approx 90%) it will tell whether the enlarged prostate is malignant or benign, thus ending the need for biopsy.
malagabob - let us know how you get on

You state the MRI scan will identify the exact site of tumour making biopsy more accurate.

But you state - With a high degree of certainty (approx 90%) it will tell whether the enlarged prostate is malignant or benign, thus ending the need for biopsy.

But , isn't it the biopsy that's going to tell you if it's malignant or benign ? - So what do you mean by - ''thus ending the need for biopsy.'' ?

Bazille...the MRI will in 90% of cases will definitely tell whether it is benign or malignant, it is only in the 10% where there is doubt and the PSA is questionable will biopsy be necessary.
Ok sqad - thanks
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Home now. All went OK, if having things stuck up your b*m is OK. That was the worst part. Didn’t feel the anaesthetic injection or the snipping. Nurses were stars as always.
Well done
Hi Mal
Have had three biopsies, two via the back passage and the last one, back in 2010, was a Template Guided Laser Biopsy, due to my PSA going up to 13.9. Done under a general anaesthetic, the needle is passed through the perineum and a total of 59 samples were taken. Unfortunately 3 were found to be cancerous. Had surgery to remove the prostate in 2010 followed by 7 weeks radiotherapy in Jan/Feb 2011. My PSA has remained constant since then at 0.1. Have to have a PSA test done annually. It's now almost 9 years since I was told I had P/Cancer so haven't done too bad. All for now.

Did you have an MRI scan , before the biopsies ?
FBG40 - did the operation cause you incontinence/impotence problems?

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Enlarged Prostate

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