Why Is My Appointment There.

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malagabob | 08:54 Wed 26th Dec 2018 | Health & Fitness
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Been concerned about going to loo in the wee small hours ( see what I did there ) Had an examination, gave a sample of urine. Doctor gave me a official sheet to include with a blood sample to be taken at a later date. Plus a piece paper with preferred date and time written on it, to give to reception to book so I assumed to return to the surgery to get urine result. Had a txt to my phone saying you have an appointment a this urology dept at this hospital. This hospital is about 25 miles from where I live. There are at least 2 within 15 miles. No problem me getting there. If I was admitted to this hospital, the wife who doesn’t drive wouldn’t be able to visit. Done a google search and it’s coming back as 2 1/2 hrs involving 3 busses and a mile walk. I would have thought I would have had an appointment at 1 of the other two hospitals which are nearer and have better transport links, from where I live.Any views TIA.


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I would have thought the simple answer would be to ring-up the hospital and ask them if it could be moved to one of the more convenient hospitals.
Maybe this is the best hospital for this test (some specialisation occurs in some areas) , or the only one with free slots within a reasonable timescale. I don't think it should be assumed that you would be admitted there in the event that you have to be admitted at some stage. But I agree that you should ring and ask
perhaps urology consultant is based there..this happened to me for similar problem and I had to travel to Livingston in West Lothian rather than the nearby Edinburgh infirmary.....
Under NHS rules you have the option of choosing a hospital.Check if there is a urology consultant any nearer hospital.
morning Danny xx
Good morning Minty xx
Agreed. Take charge of this. It might even be that your doctor has been told to make more use of that hospital, for all sorts of daft internal reasons.

Take charge. It’s YOUR body, your NHS.

From personal experience, I had an issue I wanted dealing with/monitoring once. Had initial check at inconvenient hospital, said I'd prefer my more local one next time, which was apparently fine. Got a letter in the post to say there was an appointment at the inconvenient distant hospital, I replied that wasn't convenient so I couldn't agree. Happened twice more. Clearly no appointment had been agreed so none had been cancelled, but at this point I discovered the lying NHS had been marking these suggested date/times, that they knew full well were unacceptable, as me cancelling an appointment that had never been agreed in the first place. Unbelievable abandonment if duty/care. So they refused to do the job they were paid for, i.e. continuing to monitor/treat the issue. So beware, they don't care and are happy to mess you about then ignore you.
Our Urology dept is centralised...... may be the case at your end.

Clinics run in 3 hospitals but routine surgery is performed & inpatients only in one hospital x
Hi Mala,Happy Christmas !
Had a similar problem with distant hospitals - I needed some physio treatment, my GP sent the relevant form off, got the appointment at a "distant" hospital. On a good day I can drive there in 30/35 minutes,on a bad day about 1 hour 30 mins ! My nearest hospital is 5 minutes away and they have a fully functioning physio dept. Why can't I go there I asked - I was told it's all down to the Area Health Authority that your GP surgery comes under. Could be the same in your case !
my GP usually asks which hospital I'd prefer to go to. You're entitled to choose. They may just have gone for one with the earliest appointment; waiting times vary a lot.

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