Has The Protocol Changed In The Treatment Of An Hernia

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raybush | 22:39 Wed 19th Dec 2018 | Health & Fitness
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I've recently discovered that I have an Hernia (near the groin area).I attended the doctors only to be told that Hernias are not treated unless they are causing you trouble/lots of pain ,I have got a few symptoms that I thought were related to my Hernia which occur from time to time, i.e, feeling bloated ,constipation ,very slight ache in the lower stomach ,all of which the doctor dismissed .
The Hernia was undoubtedly caused by over 40 years of weight training (which looking back I would not have changed), i now train with lighter weights .
I thought that the doctor would have suggested that the problem be dealt with ,instead I have to wait until it gets serious and the attend A&E ,or ,get an appointment with him...…...I felt a bit puzzled .
Any constructive comments would be great ,nothing rude or silly please.


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Thanks very much for all your constructive feedback .I may leave it a month or so and if anything gets worse i'll opt for a second opinion .All I wanted was to catch this early and get it sorted ,it'll have been one less thing to be worrying about.

// I often wonder [wonders sqad] if "waiting list" times are deliberately inflated to force patients to go "Private" OR am I being cynical or disingenuous? //

is about Mr Simon Huddart recovering substantial damages in libel in Cardedd in 1998 for precisely this.
It was said about him and he sued as he could show it was completely untrue

"If you were a private patient - he would do it"
was that said BY Mr H, or ABOUT Mr H or about someone else by a third party ? Anyway catastrophic sense of humour loss, writs flying, money paid, and the hospital saying doctors in difficult conversations should take the utmost care ( when they open their mouths)

The BMJ stresses that Mr H did not do any private practice at all ever.
PP....I do not know the ins and outs of this case or why the NHS operation was canceled ( no beds?, no theatre space etc) but one must appreciate that NHS practice and Private practice are two different animals.
One's NHS waiting list for operations may be up to 9-12 months whereas the waiting list for private operations may be only a week or so.
There surely is no case to answer if the surgeon did not partake in private practice which usually the case in Paediatric Surgery.

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Has The Protocol Changed In The Treatment Of An Hernia

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