Anyone In East Kent Health District?

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collareddove12 | 09:03 Thu 29th Dec 2016 | Health & Fitness
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I had a 7 day heart
monitor at beginning of October and have still not had results, I was told there is a huge backlog, they can't give me any idea how long this will take


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well if the actual service can't tell you, how will anyone else be able to?
was the service provided by your hospital? If so, try contacting their Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) who may be able to informally investigate on your behalf.
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I thought someone else could say how long they waited. I will try your suggestion

PALS are actually a really good service. Also, you would have the option left of a formal complaint which would be investigated and a response usually with you within 28 days Sometimes formal complaints actually help the nhs - if for example 200 people are complaining about the same thing, some change might be made so that that service improves.
The problem with someone else telling you how long they waited is that who knows what the waiting list was like at that time? Perhaps the service prioritises certain cases above others and so on, so someone elses waiting time is really no good to you - you need to know about yours :)

I'm in Hernia Bay, I waited 7 weeks for a Scan for a mysterious lump, which I had 5 weeks ago now, the Scan that is. 'phoned Surgery earlier this morning, still no results. As luck would have it the Doctor who did the Scan is Indian and a friend of our House Guest, (an Indian Doctor), so I know unofficially I'm in the clear, but it just ain't good enough.
Good Luck.

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Anyone In East Kent Health District?

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