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SherryBea | 13:44 Wed 21st Dec 2016 | Health & Fitness
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I have a question about Tonsillitis. My teenage son was diagnosed on Friday with Bacterial Tonsillitis and prescribed Phenoxymethyl penicillin 250mg 2 X 4 times a day with paracetamol every 4 hours. He had a temperature of 38.9 at the doctors surgery. On Saturday night, following a high temperature all day, I rang 111 as his temperature rose to 40.2. he was seen by a doctor who kept him at the urgent care centre for around an hour managing to get his temperature down to 38.8 with paracetamol and ibuprofen. Since then he has been taking his Phenoxymethyl penicillin plus paracetamol 1000 mg and Ibuprofen 400mg. His temperature is fluctuating between 37 and 39.5 but his throat seems to be getting less sore but also his nose is now running like a tap and he has a chesty cough. My question is, is this ‘normal’ to have an elevated temperature for a long time with Tonsillitis and at what point should I consider calling the doctors surgery again? Thanks


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How does one know it is Bacterial tonsillitis?
Might it be Glandular fever?

Just a couple of thoughts.

\\\My question is, is this ‘normal’ to have an elevated temperature for a long time with Tonsillitis and at what point should I consider calling the doctors surgery again?\\\

It sounds like viral tonsillitis in which case he is reacting, normally and predictably.

I think that you are over-reacting at the moment and unless his general condition deteriorates, has difficulty in swallowing or becomes delirious, I wouldn't call the doctor again.
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Thank your for your reply. The (very young) GP decided it was bacterial Tonsillitis due to the presence of pus on the back of the tonsils and the fact his glands were not 'up' . He was however complaining of lower abdomen pain which has now gone. She was a bit concerned about a rash he had on both sides of his hips but decided they were stretch marks due to him growing over 12 inches this year. Frankly I don't believe this diagnosis. having had four children I think I know what a stretch mark looks like, these were red and 'feathery' but have now faded but he is complaining of burning sensation in that area. I rang the surgery an hour ago to chat with the doctor and I have been given an appointment at 3.20 as she wants to see him again. We are very lucky to have a small rural Practice. I will get back later with an update.
Ask for a blood test for glandular fever.
Thanks for your update.....much appreciated.
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Update: she took blood for Glandular Fever test and changed his antibiotic to Amoxicillin to cover any secondary chest or sinus infection. We should get results on Friday. Thanks again.
Thanks sherry........
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An update for Sqad: Got blood test results back. Showing no signs of Glandular Fever but Inflammatory markers up probably due to infection. We have to monitor him and if he gets worse take him to hospital. He's still fighting a mild temperature 38 -38.5C but seems to be getting a little better. Thank you for your help .
Sounds like he's coming through it Sherry, good news.
I used to suffer really badly in my teens. In my case it was normal to have an elevated temp for quite a while.
Thanks for the feedback Sherry.......the diagnosis stood out from the start.
He should start settling down now,but if he comes out in a rash, don't worry as that is the effect on the body when Ampicillin is used in the treatment of glandular fever. He will feel ill for about 2 weeks at least.
OOOps...sorry.... I have misread your post it ISN'T glandular fever. Apologies.

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