I Have Pneumonia...

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dunnitall | 15:22 Fri 09th Dec 2016 | Health & Fitness
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The pneumonia is not going to be helped by one of my chronic health conditions which is lung congestion/over production of mucus! Ambulance took me to
A n E middle of this week and they did tests n chest X-ray and I came home with Amoxicillin suspension as I have difficulty swallowing tablets.

The worst problem at the moment is trying to expel the mucus (white) which is sticking hard (sorry to be descriptive) and I'm going through hell as I feel I am drowning in it. More than unpleasant.

Since taking the amoxicillin my right side where the liver is has begun to feel painful and have since discovered this medication can affect the about catch 22. Anyway I wonder if anyone can suggested something to help alleviate my struggle with the mucus?

Your help would be appreciated as I really need some relief from this...IF there is any. Many thanks.


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I am not sure, on your description of your symptoms that it is pneumonia, but that is just a gut feeling, as it sounds more like a viral chronic bronchitis.
The pain that you describe will have nothing to do with your liver and is probably muscular due to coughing.
I am surprised that you were not given any mucolytic (mucous easing) inhalation, but that is what you need and can only be given by a prescription.
You can try inhaling steam from hot water, beneath a towel over your head , but if it hasn't eased in 24 hours, contact your GP , explain the mucous problem and get a prescription.
Sqad. Do you think the chest xray result is wrong ?
There is no Chest X-Ray report.
Perhaps you can point it out?
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Thank you sqad. I actually wondered too when she said pneumonia chest infection because mostly the phlegm has been opaque white and an occasional yellow! If it is viral chronic bronchitis then I shouldn't be taking the antibiotics.

The reason I know the medication is affecting my liver is the pain in that side even though coughing for a few days previously, only started when I took the amoxicillin. I didn't have any last night the pain went away, when I took it this morning the severe pain in the liver has returned.

One of the bloods they did she said the bilirubin is slightly I'm wondering if there is anything wrong with the liver, this medication is exacerbating it. The pain is sharp not like the pain one gets from coughing as in muscular. Been there done that previously with a chest infection and the mucus really did indicate an infection.

Thanks for your help.
A chest xray was taken. I would assume it would have been viewed/reported on?
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Anne....she didn't give me a report on the X-ray I think that may be because I suffer from the congestion normally, maybe they couldn't tell. She did say that there was much crackling in my upper respiratory area and that it was a chest infection. Even I wonder if they got it wrong because I thought for an infection in the lungs the mucus would be coloured. Oh dear, I really dislike talking about such things ....especially if some people are 'squeamish'
can't add anything useful..just want to say I hope you are better soon xx
Don't be bothered about describing sputum :-). I really hope you feel better soon. medicine NEVER assume anything....that is where trouble starts. may well have an underlying condition and the antibiotics were given as a preventive (prophylactic)measure.
I am still not convinced about the liver problem even with your slightly raised bilirubin levels, being associated with your chest infection, but if the levels continue to rise, then they will have to be investigated.
Monitor the situation.
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MM and Anne thank you for your very kind wishes

Try a lung vibrator (forgot the name). Its a simple device with a ball bearing inside that you blow into.

It loosens the Mucus, so you can discharge it.
TRT is referring to a 'flutter' device, can be quite useful.
## TRT is referring to a 'flutter' device, can be quite useful. ##

Thats the name Camp/
Question Author
Thank you trt will try getting one for my long term condition tho I desperately need something now with this extra horrible mucus. Glad you mentioned this tho as hopefully it will give me relief when/if I get back to normal...normal for me that is!
Is the Surgery open on Saturday mornings? Might they draw you up a prescription that sqad mentioned in his first post?

It must be miserable for you.
## Thank you trt will try getting one for my long term condition tho I desperately need something now with this extra horrible mucus. ##

I got mine on the NHS from the surgery's nurse, for the same problem, it does work, and I still use it when required.
I hope you feel today D .
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No mamya not open Saturday a.m. And never helpful if they were, even consultant told me to change docs. OH got some mucus cough stuff today but when I read before taking ...wary for asthmatics and liver prob patients because contains 96% alcohol. The amoxicillin has given me pain in liver and urine darker than it was since taking the antibiotics that's why I left off.

So now looking at Corvnia mucus cough.....will see about that one. Thanks for helping. I don't feel much better but I managed a few hours sleep last nite. Sometimes I think one just has to weather the storm. Wish I'd known about the Flutter device before now!
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Thanks Anne....not much better but got some sleep last night so hopefully things are going to improve. I just loathe taking medication so I'm a difficult patient I guess!
You're not difficult, just struggling - helpful or not try to speak to the surgery on Monday if no better.

Take care.

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