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albaqwerty | 07:37 Fri 20th May 2016 | Health & Fitness
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it's not drastic. Have always had a thick head of hair but over the past few months, every time I brush, loads of hair comes out.
Even after brushing if I run my fingers through my hair about 3 or 4 hairs come out.

Hair is long, almost at bottom of shoulder blades.

Was at a consultant Rheumatoid doc's last august and she asked if I was having any hair loss - is there a link between Rheumatoid Arthritis and hair loss?


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It is Spring. Maybe you're moulting.
11:58 Fri 20th May 2016
Are you taking methotrexate?

"Common side effects of methotrexate include feeling sick, loss of appetite, a sore mouth, diarrhoea, headaches and hair loss."


Also relevant (from a leading US arthritis charity):
I'm reluctant to say the M word .
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not on any meds Chris, should have mentioned that in me post, sorry.

Going back to see her next month, will mention hair loss to her then too.

Doc prescribed me Naproxen 500mg tabs to be taken when I felt the need, but haven't taken any for 3 months now
\\\\ is there a link between Rheumatoid Arthritis and hair loss?\\\


There are far more commoner causes....e.g anxiety, stress, under active thyroid.
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Thanks sqadlet xx

Thought it odd that she asked.
Anxiety - check
Stress - check
Under-active thyroid - no idea.

My lot are getting a tad fed-up finding the odd stray rabbit in their lunch-boxes.

lol, anne, I'm a woman of a certain age, could be that too.

Right-o, phoning for a GP appt to rule out the thyroid thingy. Will report back in a few weeks after I've seen doc, if anyone's interested :-)

Thank you for your replies xx
Always interested alba :-)
Hope this helps. I had it last year.

x x x
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cheers Baths

Hope you've recovered xxxx
I was going to mention the M word, too. I've noticed all my hair has got thinner recently, including eyebrows and everything. I'm probably about the same age as you, alba.
I have RA but the hair loss I had was linked to being on Methotrexate.

I think stress played a part though too, had my thyroid tested which was fine.

I was recommended sulphate free shampoo and used a L'Oreal range at the time. I was warned off hair thickening/loss shampoos by a pharmacist due to the nature of hair loss, she said they were the last things I needed as it could make it worse but I think that was related to the methotrexate causing it and how it causes hair loss so might make a difference with the cause.

Since I've been off methotrexate it's been better.

Sis 75y had same last year & hair now regrown. Her only stress was the hair loss. She regularly home-tinted & I suspect that fault?
It is Spring. Maybe you're moulting.
I use Nioxin Shampoo+Conditioner regularly and finds that it has helped.
Alba... i'm a hairdresser.. firstly.. try not to worry... we all loose said your hair is long... don't forget.. hair comes out at the doesn't come out from the ends.. as yours is long.. it will look like you are loosing a lot..secondly.. your new hair growth also happens from the roots.. so hopefully.. its new hair pushing the old hair out!.. If you find any really thinning patches..or bald spots.. it COULD be down to your RA..or meds.. but speak to the doctors..i'm sure it will right itself.. good luck..have a nice weekend Mrs C x
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Really do thank each for your replies, much appreciated.

Am not particularly worried about it, tried to get through on phone to make apptmt with GP, engaged - will try again on Monday.

OG, you do make me laugh !! xx
I have the same problem, I am on Methotrexate.
Yes. It is link to each other because hair loss is one of the possible complications of RA. This is because immune system attacks have an impact on skin, which is where hair follicles are located.
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