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Eve | 18:18 Sat 09th Apr 2016 | Health & Fitness
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Have had problems recently with spots round my mouth and lower cheeks (and arms and shoulders but they are less visible) and am having difficulty in getting rid of them, if anyone has any good suggestions? I also get ones right on the side of my lips but they don't seem like acne spots.

I'm 37 and have quite oily skin but moreso on my T Zone. I use Micellar Water then Cetaphil cleanser and either Cetaphil or Baby Lotion as a moisturiser. I have a gel I've been using to help calm them down. They aren't angry at the moment, just won't disappear.

Am wondering if it might be something hormonal, I'm already on the contraceptive implant as I was having a lot of cycle issues and was diagnosed with PCOS many years ago and am awaiting an ultrasound scan to see if I have a cyst (or something!) as I've been getting a lot of pain and discomfort around the bladder/ovary area since I had a difficult to shift water infection a few months ago (urine checked and now clear of infection). There was a bit of blood in one since though and I was called in for a retest last week so can't rule out it's something that side of things rather than a cyst but not got the results back yet.

Given it might be hormonal, or even immune system related due to immune suppressing drugs I'm on, is there anything which still might clear them up, they don't seem to want to go :(


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It's a difficult one as I suspect it's hormonal. My daughter who is 30 kept breaking out in spots round her mouth and chin. She stopped drinking cranberry juice which she had every day and her face is a lot clearer. So maybe cut down on acidy drinks? Anything acidic maybe. I used to find Oxy cream was good but for some reason manufacturer has stopped producing it. If doesn't clear up soon go see your doctor for more tests? All the best.
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Hi, thanks for that, I drink mainly cordial and coffee so will have a check on what is acidic and try and cut down. I do eat a lot of fruit so not sure if that counts, mainly apples, pineapple and watermelon.

Hopefully I'll get the scan results soon which might point to whether it is hormonal or not.
My niece has such a problem with her face. She is a teenager. So it must be hormonal. The doctor prescribed her to keep a diet: nothing oily, nothing spicy and no grill. He also advised her to avoid any stress. As far as I know she is getting better. Niece also told me that she used pumpkin face pack. She made it of fresh grated pumpkin. Hope this information will be useful!
You might need something more, as might CupBuster's niece.
You should go to your GP. My son is in his mid 20s and still has teenage-type acne. He used to use a gel called PanOxyl. It helped him, then. He needs to use it again really. I don't know why he doesn't.
You should ask your GP for something, anyway.
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I will mention it to my GP and see what they say, might need to speak with them depending on the rests of urine and blood tests I'm waiting on, though hoping they will all have returned to normal at least. Would feel a bit like wasting their time just to ring up about the spots.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply :)

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