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potiche | 19:12 Fri 07th Aug 2015 | Health & Fitness
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Where's the best place to buy & what type of hearing aid will be better than NHS issue. Only for one ear as the other has perforated drum. Looking for some sound advice


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what's wrong with NHS ones? Not only will they save you thousands, but they are all little and digital now
Agree with bednobs...I have a small digital NHS aid which is excellent. Good initial testing, careful set-up etc. is more important than who provides it.
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It fills the whole ear with a custom made mould so not very healthy environment & clogs with wax quickly. The ones I see advertised on TV look tiny & leave space for fresh air in ear..any experts out there?
Even the very latest 'Bluetooth' hearing aids are available on the NHS now
You are just wasting money to go private, they have behind the ear, in the ear and 'invisible' aids all on the NHS.
Yes the NHS does provide digital hearing aids free with maintenance and free batteries.

Privately you may have to pay between £400 and £2,000 but you will have a greater choice, to suit your type of deafness.......smaller and more discreet ( no more moulds.)

There are many reliable companies that provide this service but Boots is a reliable provider and will provide an audiogram.

There is no reason that you shouldn't have a Hearing Aid in your perforated ear.

NHS or Private?........the choice is yours.
The NHS provide you with hearing aids that are appropriate for your needs from custom made 'whole ear' moulds to a variety of digital aids following an audiogram. Remembering of course that 'hearing aids' aren't just used for increasing deafness but also for for conditions such as Tinnitus. Nothing wrong with the NHS provision, so why go private??
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So.....the tiny one she picks up in the Boots advert???? Does that do the job of the ear moulded nhs one? does. ^^^
I have worn 2 bought hearing aids over the years and 2 years ago bought another one - when I heard of NHS were digital now I got one and much rather have the NHS - first in time of life I can hear a bird coo, sombody whistling (puts my head away), water running, kettle boiling. Never heard those sounds with the bought ones. I would never buy another hearing aid again. They can give you a "fine" mould if you ask them NHS that is.

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