Faint Positive Pregnancy Test But Have Period Aches?...

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Jenarry | 17:09 Sat 09th May 2015 | Health & Fitness
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Can anyone help please.
Me and my hubby have been trying for a baby since i miscarried last sept with no success until ...I used a pregnancy test yesterday, a day after period was due, and again this morning and both times the result was a faint positive line!
I would be over the moon but i'm feeling very cautious after the terrible time we had last september .
I know a line, even if faint one is a positive result but I also know it's very early and I 100% feel like my period is on it's way. My back is aching and I have a crampy feeling . I only get these symptoms directly before my period.
Can you still have your usual period syptoms when you are pregnant?..I've read about chemical pregnancies where you can have a postive preg test then you can lose the pregnancy in the first week (which people usually think is just a late period)
so i'm worried that this will happen later in the week and I will be devastated.
I think this may have happened to me last month as my period was 4 days late which is unusual for me and I had these same crampy achey symptoms all 4 days then a very heavy period.I didn't use a pregnancy test as we were away from home but I wonder what the result would have been this time last month?...any advice would be gratefully received.


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Even when pregnant, you can still have period symptoms at the time of the month your period starts. I hope you are pregnant, best of luck. Do not stress over it, just take it easy and let things happen, if its a period, or a pregnancy, it will show up in due course. x
2 days late and two pos tests.

You can still get period symptoms.

Good luck.
\\\\ but I wonder what the result would have been this time last month?..\\\

On balance, i think it would have been positive.

There is little that you can do this month except try not to worry.
Try to relax - I know it's difficult. Having had an early 'miss' myself, the advice given was on the lines of 'Your body's getting ready, at least you know you can get pregnant'. Hope all goes well for you - I went on to have 2 beautiful daughters. x
Early pregnancy symptoms are exactly the same as period signs!! Good luck. Xx
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Thankyou everyone . i will just try and relax as much as I can and keep my fingers crossed that all is well.
Take care Jenarry - it is hard not to be anxious when you want something so much.x
You can have a blood test to tell if you are pregnant, & this will tell you for certain, but it might take a few days for the results to come back, so may not be much help to you. I had the blood test after getting a faint line on a pregnany test after IVF. Good luck.fingers crossed for you.
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I did another pregnancy test this morning and the result was another faint line. I'm starting to feel a bit more excited now especially as I managed to get past today(it's 4 days after my period which i managed to get to last month)
When should I contact my GP?... I can't say that I want to rush into contacting them just yet. :/
My GP doesn't see you until you're 8 weeks. With your history though they might see you sooner.
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Thankyou ummmm. I will leave it a little while then get in touch with them .

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Faint Positive Pregnancy Test But Have Period Aches?...

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