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Lindylou | 18:44 Wed 08th Apr 2015 | Health & Fitness
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My very bestest friend has been suffering from acute pancreatitis caused by gall stones (not alcohol). She was admitted on the 24th November last year and is still hospitalised. No idea when she will be allowed home. After a couple of operations she now has a colostomy bag. Can't get much information from her Consultant apart from 'we're getting there'. Still on drips. Terribly bruised from all the needles/canulas, etc. Doesn't eat much as constantly vomiting. Don't know how to console her. Try to be positive but it's really very difficult. Does anyone know how I can help? What can I say to reassure?


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\\\Does anyone know how I can help?\\\\

YOU can't.

\\\ What can I say to reassure?\\\

" The body is very resilient and it will sort you out"
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Just to let you know. My friend was discharged from hospital in October 2015. Is now diabetic. Very very frail. Has a 'drain' bag from her pancreas and also a colostomy bag. She's been told that possibly, sometime in the future, it might be possible to reverse that and 'rejoin' her back up so that the bag can be removed. Never mind...! She's alive and improving albeit slowly. So very, very grateful to the NHS. She doesn't remember very much about her very nearly one year in hospital. But I do. Can't express how much her daughter, her brother and I are grateful to Morriston Hospital, Swansea. Especially to Nadine, the Ward Manager.

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