Arthritis In Both Thumbs

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HongKongphooey | 13:49 Mon 23rd Feb 2015 | Health & Fitness
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I have constant pain in both Thumbs. I think its from arthritis. (both my elderly mum and her sister have twisted hands from Arthritis) On bad days it spreads to my fingers. I am not old, 50 last birthday. It affects me when I try to get cans, tins and plastic tops off, and generally when I use my hands. I've had it for about 18 months. It seems so trivial therefore I have never gone to the doctor, I don't want to bother him. But I would love some relief from this condition. My sister-in-law says See the doc, cos its not trivial, but they have really long waiting times for non urgent things, our surgery is 10 days waiting, and the receptionists are a nightmare. She also says copper bracelets etc don't work because she has arthritis a bit and she's tried them and they have no effect.
Any help appreiciated.


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Even though I'm sceptical, my dad and my sister have both said they get relief from using a magnetic bracelet. My granny swore by her copper bracelet.
What should help is ibuprofen gel. You don't need the expensive brand name. Boots' own label is as good and much cheaper.
I agree with Cloverjo re. the Ibuprofen, although i am not such a fan of the Gel, but Ibuprofen 400mgms by mouth when required would certainly be helpful....even on a regular basis.

Copper bracelets represent abracadabra medicine.
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Thanks guys. Will try the gel and if that doesnt work the capsules. Maybe i'll give the magnetic bracelet a go
I have used Voltarol Gel for arthritic joints. I had cortizone injections in base of thumb until eventually I required a base of thumb joint replacement. That was in 2006 and I have been pretty much pain free since.

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Arthritis In Both Thumbs

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