Drop Foot & Carbon Monoxide?

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Peaspeculiars | 19:09 Fri 16th Jan 2015 | Health & Fitness
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Evening All,
I wonder if anyone has experience or would know about the possible cause of these symptoms?
After a full week of migraines, MIL experienced drop-foot and numbness down one side of her face & body on Sunday just gone. We took her to hospital fearing that it might be a stroke/ mini-stroke. She had x2 CT scans over the course of x2 days. The first showed 'something', the 2nd was clear - her blood tests were fine, her current medication & dosage checked, the only thing they could find wrong was a narrowing of her carotid artery (furring). It was recommended that she rest and improve her diet and she was released. They don't believe it was a mini-stroke.
On Wed she again, had drop foot and numbness, called doctor out but he prescribed an asprin. Yesterday she felt fine.
Today she is back in hospital with exactly the same symptoms as Sunday (Drop-foot & numbness down face & body), has had another CT scan (which showed nothing) and they are keeping her in overnight for tests.

We have just thought however - she has just had a new boiler fitted and the external flue appears to be a couple of feet below her bedroom window (which she leaves open at night) - Could the above symptoms be anything to do with Carbon Monoxide poisoning? Or are we just being daft?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated (apologies, I don't know exactly what medication she is currently on or dosage, just that it is anti-depressants & occasional sleeping tablets (prescribed after the death of her husband earlier this year)(she is 66)).


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Hi Peas, why not buy a carbon monoxide sensor and position it in her bedroom?
I should add advising her to sleep elsewhere while you test it.
Question Author
Hi Psybbs, Thanks - that's exactly what we are going to do first thing in the morning to see if there is anything coming in (we don't want to leave the window open over night whilst she is in hospital just in case someone tries to get in).
We didn't put 2 and 2 together until we went round to close her curtains earlier and spotted the flue pipe. It may be a long shot.
If anything does show on the carbon monoxide test she'll come and stay with us for a bit until we get it sorted.
We think the same happened to Carakeels Mum shortly before she died after having a mini stroke.

We lit our log burner for the first time after moving into the farmhouse we were renting, the house filled with smoke, though we didn't realise it until later that night when we left the room, we aerated the house as much as we could, bearing in mind it was freezing cold and m.i.l was 94. during that night she had a mini stroke and passed away a few weeks later. We had no idea that a log burner would give off carbon monoxide, we later bought a carbon monoxide alarm and it was going off at every point in the room.
RATTER I am so sorry....
\\\ Could the above symptoms be anything to do with Carbon Monoxide poisoning? \\\

After allegedly being exposed to carbon monoxide for so short a time, in my opinion your MIL's symptoms are extremely unlikely to be due to gas poisoning.

The investigations she has had are the right and proper investigations.

The situation will have to be monitored before a reasonable diagnosis presents.
Ratter, so sorry. Peas, a fireman would advise where to position the alarm
Woofgang, thanks, this was November 2013, so a while ago now.
Question Author
Ratter, very sorry to hear of your loss x

Thanks to all whom have replied - we'll get a carbon monoxide tester just in case and Squad, yes, we'll leave it in the hands of the hospital and see what the doctor/s have to say tomorrow.
Thanks all x
Question Author
Bit of an update (not sure if anyone would be interested, but thought I'd post anyway) - It wasn't to do with Carbon Monoxide at all. The MRI scan yesterday showed that she had indeed had a stroke, carotid artery is 75-85% blocked with plaque - She's very lucky that the symptoms weren't so severe.
Operation booked this morning ('carotid endarterectomy' we believe) so we all have our fingers and toes crossed for a speedy recovery afterwards.
Thanks once again for all your replies
Peas xx
good luck to her peas. OH had this some years ago and has been fine since then.
Question Author
Thanks LJ xx
it is just a thought but it doesn't sound like a good idea to have a flue under a bedroom window. would it be possible to get it moved?
Question Author
Yep, LJ we will be looking into that today - took a carbon monoxide sensor round yesterday morning tested it with the window shut, then left the window open for an hour with the heating on to see if it detected anything, but nothing. It does seem a bit of a funny place to put it so we'll have a hunt round for a tradesman today
with any luck she will only be in hospital for a couple of days and then home to nursing care and taking things easy for a couple of weeks. I know OH was back to a very pressurised job with three weeks. so if her general health is good - fingers crossed.

good luck finding a heating engineer or tradesman to move it. i'd feel happier with it moved.
Thanks for the update.....that diagnosis indeed sounds more probable.

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