Bone Spur Problems

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nohorn | 18:29 Sat 29th Nov 2014 | Health & Fitness
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This is somewhat complicated. About a month ago I came down with shingles, which resulted in huge leg/nerve pain. The shingles has run its course but the excruciating leg pain remained. I went to primary care doctor who took x-ray of leg, the only thing that is obvious is an tiny spur on a previous leg bone break site. The leg bone break occurred about 5-years ago. In a few days I will meet with the bone doctor who set the bone to compare x-rays. Leg pain still exists with the epicenter of pain at the break site. Has anyone had any experiece with a bone spur on a leg?

My search on google reveals a really mixed bag about bone spurs. I am just wondering on how much I should be worrying. Pain killers and ibubprophen does not help that much with the pain. They mostly just upset my digestive system so I have that to deal with too. I would love to hear what Squad and et. al have to say about this. I obvously am not having a good time right now. Thanking everyone in advance.
Nohorn (76 y.o.female)


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The big question the leg pain associated with the shingles or the boney spur?

If you had the pain BEFORE the shingles, then it cannot be attributed to shingles, but to the spur.

However...if the pain only started after your attack of shingles then you are experiencing a well known complication of herpetic neuralgia.

Yes...bone spurs may give pain.......but in your particular case, it is all about the timing.
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Thank you squad. That is the answer I was afraid of hearing. I don't know how long I have had the spur. It could have been a painless spur.

I did get a shingles shot several months ago but it may or may not have helped. The pain came as a result of shingles. Perhaps it activated the spur? Or post herp pain is just centered upon such. In any event the outcome is probably grim. The narrativives/experiences on post herp pain from shingles are really scary. I guess I can just hope that mine could be temporary. I did get the antiviral quickly (but not within the 72 hours timeframe), probably more like 5-6 days.

My first evidence of rash occurred on my backside, and only a couple "pimples" which I thought as felt were "pimples." Then I connected my brain and had someone look at them and they said "rash." Then I zipped to the doctor. I wonder what my chances are that the pain could be temporary. The second attack does seem to a slight diminish from the first attack. I can only hope for the best!
Keep your fingers crossed nohorn.
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Yes I guess there is no way to know if the post herp pain will be permanIent or temporary. I can always be thankful that it did not occur in my optic nerve or head. At least I can wrap an ice pack around my leg although it seems to be reducing me to an invalid. And I have trouble sleeping, of course.

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Bone Spur Problems

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