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lady-janine | 11:14 Mon 08th Sep 2014 | Health & Fitness
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mitichondrial awareness week 14.09.201420.09.14.

I know this is not a question but have just heard that a friend's little girl (just over a year old) has been diagnosed with this disease.

there is a charity called the Lily Foundation if you wish to give a donation but really I just wanted to let you all know about this dreadful disease.

thank you for reading this.


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I have reposted this in CB too, to gain a wider audience - fingers crossed.
14:17 Mon 08th Sep 2014

Had not come across it, I am learning now!
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thanks for your interest balders.
This is a new one to me LJ but will spread the word on F'book through the link Baldric gave. Fingers crossed for the wee one.
LadyJ, thanks from me too, something I wasn't aware of - sending strength and best wishes to your friends.

A small (sadly) donation added to the Lily Foundation.
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thanks maggie. i feel the more people who know about this the better. she is such a poorly little soul.
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thank you very much mamy. every something is worth having to find a cure for this. i think the worst is that we all feel so helpless. thank you again.
I have reposted this in CB too, to gain a wider audience - fingers crossed.
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thanks again mamy. very kind of you. her kidneys are already affected. I can't think of anything to say to my friend beyond the usual platitudes.
There are no words, you're right.
How awful. Sorry to hear that, lady j. Xx
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thanks pixie.
plural .... mitochondrial diseases,

interesting things when they work - degenerate bacteria which turbocharged any cell which had them from an energy point of view.

have their own DNA ( but import proteins and or DNA from outside )
and all come from the mother.

interesting inheritance - maternal dominant pattern is a give away
I only learned more about this from your last post. So very sorry to hear about the baby. Fingers firmly crossed and will do my best to spread awareness. I'm sure you'll be of great help as a support to your friend.
Same has Baldric here, I had not heard of it before. Terrible disease.
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thanks. neither my friend nor her OH are in a good place just now. her big sister has just started pre-school so that helps and then doesn't, if you see what I mean.
Thank you for letting us know LJ, so sad in someone so young. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
This is not a bad article:

dont like them saying Charles Darwin had one - definitely not proven.
more likely to have had trypanosomiasis.

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