Wart Removal By The Power Of Your Mind?

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RATTER15 | 11:19 Wed 13th Aug 2014 | Health & Fitness
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I think homeopathy has been pretty much proven to be nonsense but many years ago it was the only option to me with warts covering the whole of the bottom of one foot. I went to see a homoeopath who gave me a product to apply. the warts disappeared within 14 days.

On another occasion I had a wart on my thumb, I had arranged to have the wart removed at the local hospital at a later date. Well the wart fell of exactly one week before my appointment, I still went to my appointment in case it needed to be checked out, when I arrived, I was told that I was one week late for my appointment. Coincident or what.

My ex mother in law, as a cure for a wart on her hand, broke into her best friends house, stole a piece of beef, rubbed it onto the wart and then buried the beef in the garden as she was told to do by a gypsy friend. Sure enough to my amazement, within a couple of weeks the wart had gone!

Do you think that it is the power of the mind that is healing these warts, I'm pretty sure that it isn't hocus pocus etc.


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My grandson had a wart on his hand and I bought it from him for £1. Two weeks later it disappeared.
Isn't it the way with warts, they simply disappear?
That said I'm a great believer in hocus pocus, it's been known to work for me ;)
Question Author
Robinia, hocus pocus only works within the imagination, which is what we are talking about here. If you think that you can heal yourself, under certain circumstances and with certain medical conditions I believe this can happen. Especially in the case of warts!
Does anyone want to buy my verruca? Or even tell me of a gypsy cure? So annoying I'll try anything.
\\\\\Do you think that it is the power of the mind that is healing these warts, I'm pretty sure that it isn't hocus pocus etc. \\\

No I don't is abracadabra stuff. Warts usually go away without treatment after a time.
My mother-in-law managed to tear herself away from her cauldron long enough to advise our daughter to suck the finger with the offending wart on and it would disappear.
The wart vanished after a few days. Mother-in-law? Can't get her all into my mouth. :-)
LOL ^^^^
its why wart charms are so durable. if it works, fine, if not you didnt do it right or it was the wrong charm.
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I just find it rather amazing that warts seem to disappear when subjected to these strange and weird treatments, I accept that many warts do eventually go of their own accord, but this is happening to often to be coincidence.

I just think that if people really think these warts are really doomed the power of self healing takes over somehow?

I may be wrong!
it's the patron saint of warts doing a good job :)
Question Author
Maybe, Anne, maybe!!
I was told to dab dandelion milk on mine, it disappeared never to return.
Question Author
ferlew, exactly, they do seem to respond to weird treatments, I think there is something in it!
The amazing thing about coincidence is that it happens so frequently - that's why people try to put it down to other things. But it is still coincidence.
Well, I can live with coincidence, rather than a wart :)
I seem to remember there was a trial where doctors got rid of warts by painting them with a dye and telling the patients that when the dye faded the warts would go - personally I would have preferred them to use the tried and tested rubbing with a frog method.
It's an example of the extraordinary placebo effect.
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//I would have preferred them to use the tried and tested rubbing with a frog method.// I dont trust the French to rub anything on!!
Question Author
Yes of course Slaney, for some reason I hadn't associated it with the placebo affect.

I think the placebo affect is a proven phenomena.
Ratter if you have a wart and just do nothing it will disappear after a time anyway. They are caused by a virus once your body overcomes the virus the wart disappears.
Indeed it is Ratter.
Which just gives me an excuse for a Ben Goldacre link..

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Wart Removal By The Power Of Your Mind?

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