Abcesses On My Gums - No Emergency Dentist In My Area!!!

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numan | 10:21 Sun 10th Aug 2014 | Health & Fitness
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For the past couple of years, I’ve had a problem with abscesses on my upper right gum. For the past few months, I have had a sort of gumboil on the top, that comes back every few weeks, fills with puss and that I have to burst (although it will burst on it's own accord, if I so much as lift my top lip to look at it!). For the past few days, I now have enormous abscesses on both my upper and lower right gums that fill with puss and burst daily. My face has been swollen in these areas for the past couple of days, but today, the whole of the right side of my face is swollen and drooping, the bones are too sore to touch, my glands are up and my ear is popping. I have tried and tried all over the weekend to get to a dentist (before it got this bad), but the only one remotely near to me, won’t take me on because my postcode doesn’t coincide with the borough I live in (Greenwich) and ‘the computer says no’ (a problem I have with all sorts of issues here)!!! I rang my local hospital and they say that they can’t deal with it as it’s a dental issue and they don’t deal with those. Even though I’ve told them that I have none of my own teeth in the area of my mouth in question and that the problem has spread all over my face! Another big problem I have, is that I cannot take any form of oral anti-biotics, only intravenous or shots, so they can’t even give me those. The 111 service looked up emergency dentists in my area and the nearest one (apart from the one that wouldn’t take me), is Carshalton in Surrey!!! What do I do now? I’m quite afraid to wait till tomorrow to go to my dentist (who will only see me if he has a gap in between appointments anyway), as the difference in my face from going to bed last night and waking up this morning is so vast, that I fear for what might have happened by then. The fact that my eye is starting to ache is frightening me now. PLEASE help – I feel that I’ve gone back to Victorian times, where trying to get treatment is concerned. (By the way, I did have a couple of appointments with my own dentist over the past few weeks, but went into hospital and so had to cancel them.)


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Just turn up at A & E. They'll have at least to give you some antibiotics.
Can't get a dentist....can't get a doctor.

You have two options:

Take Ibuprofen 600mgms in one dose and contact GP in the morning OR as SeajayPea suggested, go to A&E.

My advice would be the latter.
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Thank you both, but as I said in my post, A&E won't see me as they say it's a dentist issue and they can only give me oral anti-biotics that I can't take..
This is a duplicate post, there are answers on the other one.
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Thank you boxtops, I didn't realise - don't know how that happened. Thanks again
Who said A&E won't see you?
Have you been?
As prudie said on your other may not be dental.
If you have no teeth in that area either, it's maybe not the teeth causing the problem, as other say. Don't hang around on here - get to A&E.

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Abcesses On My Gums - No Emergency Dentist In My Area!!!

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