Upset Stomach - Advice Please

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pips1 | 08:52 Sat 09th Aug 2014 | Health & Fitness
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Last Sunday I had a touch of diarrhoea but I didn't feel too bad with it, through Mon, Tues and Weds I still had it but there is a bug going around so I just assumed I had picked it up and tried to keep hydrated and only eat toast. It is now Saturday and I have had the worst night ever with gripey pains, there is nothing left in me to come out, do bugs last this long or am I really ill?


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Yes, they may do and no, by your description you are not "really ill."

Probably viral, but if it goes on for another week.......see your GP.

Drink plenty ....nip to the chemist for Imodium and follow the instructions on the pack.

It will settle.
pips, in addition to Sqad's advice, I will add something told to me by the local pharmacist when I had a stomach complaint that would not go away. He told me to go home and rest, really veg out, for 48 hours. It might have been co-incidence but the effect was magical.
You can also get rehydration sachets from the chemist, usually in a box of about 10. You just add boiling water and obviously let it cool down and then take in sips. I know they do a blackcurrant flavour.
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Thanks all, I was getting really worried, I have not felt this ill for ages, I don't know what to do with myself. The chemist is open now so I will go and get the Imodium and then just rest.
Get own-brand loperamide capsules - it`s cheaper but the same drug so you`re not paying for the "name"
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Well I took all your advice, took Imodium (own brand) took rehydration sachets and rested up, had another bad night but definitely seem over the worst, thanks all again.
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Update: Test results from Drs - 'normal, no action needed' - how?? I am still not able to keep anything in me after 10 whole days and the stomach cramps are awful. This must be one hell of a super bug!!
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Upset Stomach - Advice Please

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