High Haemoglobin

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bibster | 13:00 Fri 30th May 2014 | Health & Fitness
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My test results came back a few weeks ago at 155 hct so have to be retested next week ,my INR levels have now gone down to 1.9 which is below my 2.5 target range ,I take a daily dose of 7.7 warfarin does anyone know if the two are connected ,as I don't undersand any of he readings .


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your readings and dose sound odd to me
2.5 is not a target "range", it's a target
7.7mg warfarin is a truley odd dose too
HCT cannot possibly be 155
I presume your figure of 155 related to the haemoglobin rather than the HCT which is usually given as a percentage.
A Hb of 155g/L is just above the normal range - a high level could be caused by for example dehydration, as well as other things, and this needs to be repeated.
Normal range would be 120- 150 g/L, although this can vary from lab to lab.

If you have, for example atrial fibrillation, your INR range would be 2.0-3.0- target INR 2.5.
A result of 1.9 is not badly out and needs a slight Warfarin dose adjustment.

They are likely not related, and I wouldn't worry too much.
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Thank you both for your replies my warfarin dosage is 9mgs for 4 days and 6mgs for 3 days which averages out to 7.7 daily or so the nurse said.I am on warfarin for d v t and a pulmonary embolism .
That sounds about right bibster - as warfarin is such a long acting drug, different doses can be taken on different days, and the effect is leveled out.
I hope the repeat tests are better for you.

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High Haemoglobin

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