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viv38 | 16:08 Mon 13th Jan 2014 | Health & Fitness
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I had a problem with a back tooth last November and the dentist could see nothing wrong so he took an X ray which also showed nothing wrong. He put me on antibiotics which didn't work, so decided to remove the filling in case the tooth was cracked (which apparently doesn't show up on an X ray!). Anyway, no cracked tooth, so he put a dressing on it and made an appointment for me to have a new filling. I've had the new filling for over two months now and the tooth STILL doesn't feel right. It's a sort of aching throb, but isn't sensitive when I eat or drink. Painkillers ease it. Does anyone have any ideas or experienced this themselves ? TIA.


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Could it be neuralgia?
Question Author
Does that affect the tooth then ?
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I've looked up neuralgia on Google and I'm not sure, it sounds a lot more painful than my tooth. SQAD are you around at all?
It doesn't affect the tooth as such. However some years ago I had a loose back tooth, which caused severe pain on side of face and upper jaw, think it was pressing on the trigeminal nerve. Had the tooth extracted, and no problems since.
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Thanks mightymouse. The tooth in question isn't loose and I don't feel any facial pain, but there's something not right. Thought I'd try on here before going to see the doctor. Hoping Sqad may come on.
The pain isn't coming from the tooth.......or.......I presume from ANY tooth.

In which case,one has to look elsewhere and the first thing that comes to mind are the sinuses and nose.
Have you got a blocked nose, nasal discharge and or decrease in your sense of smell?
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Thanks for replying Sqad, no I don't have any of those. Do you think it could be neuralgia ?
Well yes.

If we are ABSOLUTELY certain that it is not coming from another tooth, then neuralgia is a possibility.

Me? if I were in your position. i would take Ibuprofen 600mgms in one dose and repeat it, if necessary every 4hours and monitor the situation.
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Thank you Sqad, I am as certain as I can be that it's not coming from another tooth. I will do as you say with the Ibuprofen and take it from there.
If it is the very painful trigeminal neuralgia...which Sqad has not eliminated as a possibility...have an xray..and have that tooth removed if it is pressing on the nerves. You will not regret it!!!!
This thread has been a great help for me, I am also having similair problems for the last few weeks, its not my teeth, no pain in my teeth when I eat, the pain is all on one side of my face, my jaw, and cheekbone. it feels like toothache in my face, and even hurts to put the right side of my face on the pillow at night.
I think my first port of call is going to have to be the dentist, and see how I go from there.
Viv I hope your problem gets sorted out soon. X
Strange that TN has cropped up twice today.
Sat here trying to figure out who TN is,
Blonde moment, Lol
Just re-read the thread and realised what it is,
Thanks shoota, I have tried to look at the link twice, but it has crashed my computer both times, will give it another go tomorrow.X
I sincerely hope you havn't got TN Sparky, it is severely nasty, but it is best you be aware so that you can ask the right questions of your GP and dentist.
I'm not a fan of the Mail but this article is worth persevering with as some of the medical articles revealed by a google search are truly frightening.
Rerhaps if you deleted your browsing history it might load OK.
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Just read the article in Daily Mail. As stated in my previous posts, I am not in that kind of pain, it's more like a dull ache in my tooth which comes and goes and since I took Sqad's advice yesterday re. the Ibuprofen, there has been a marked improvement. Sparkles I think you should go straight to the doctor and not waste time with the dentist as I did. Good luck x

mightymouse thank you for your input.

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