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Sqad | 10:02 Thu 24th Oct 2013 | Health & Fitness
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I am interested in an update.


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i am to sqad, would he have been discharged from hospital 7 hours following a stent insertion ?
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Well, anne, I read his initial post and it wasn't clear if the 7 hours were relating to the insertion of the stent OR the onset of the pain.

I agree, discharge after seven hours of stent insertion seems a little "hasty."
sorry it took so long. it took 1hr 15 min to complete, kept in in for 4hrs, in the night terrible pain took gtn spray nothing, next morning pain getting easier afternoon gone in the evening completley gone feel a lot better now
sorry for not getting back sooner, had to go to see my cardiologist yesterday at another hospital, he had no idea i'd had the procedure
Question Author
Thanks didn't seem a big deal, but needed checking out.
really, discharged after 4 hours ? pleased you are better,

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