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jkelly24 | 11:06 Wed 31st Jul 2013 | Health & Fitness
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A friend has seen her GP about a bowel problem. She returned today for blood test results and she says her haemoglobin levels are low at 8. The GP has referred her to the hospital for further tests but has not prescribed her iron tablets. If the iron levels are as low as that would he not prescribe them or is he leaving it to the specialist to decide?


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He will have taken note of her overall health and how the anaemia is effecting her day to day quality of life in making a decision. In this case, it appears that the GP has made the decision that the Hb level, although low, seems to be reasonably well tolerated, and that therefore the reason for the chronic anaemia be investigated prior to starting treatment.

Although iron deficiency is the most commonly encountered cause of anaemia, there are different reasons for why that anaemia is occuring that might well affect the treatment. Indeed there could well be reasons other than iron deficiency for why your friend has anaemia that would render iron replacement therapy unnecessary and ineffectual....
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Thanks Lazygun. I understand about the tests I myself have suffered with anaemia for a few years now and have had all the usual tests to try and find out why but I was put on iron tablets from the word go. My friend keeps saying she feels awful and tired all the time but she does have a reputation for over exaggerating which just makes me wonder if I'm actually getting the whole truth from her. I don't want to sound heartless but also don't want to be taken for a fool.
As Lazygun says there may well be a multitude of reasons for the GP not giving her iron as that may not be the problem. The blood film will give a good idea as to if she IS iron deficient and it would appear that this may not be the case.

Further tests are required to determine without confusing the issue by giving iron, what is the cause of her anaemia.

A few more days without treatment are hardly likely to affect the end result.

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Haemoglobin Levels

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