Infected Mozzie Bite

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greeneyedmonster | 18:36 Mon 29th Jul 2013 | Health & Fitness
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I tend to react quite badly to bites so when I got one over a week ago it was business as usual-very angry then it started to die down. Then a couple of days ago it started to itch like crazy again and now is a 2" red/purply lump which is hard to the touch and looks a bit worrying! Any ideas anyone?


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I have had a similar thing and ended up having to get antibiotics from my GP. Perhaps you need to do the same.
Ibuprofen 600mgms (3*200mgms) for the pain which you can repeat 4 times a day.
if you feel well, then no need to see the GP.

However if the red area increases and/or you feel hot and or sweaty . then see your GP.
do you put anything on the bite at the time, GEM? My bites flare dreadfully if I don't zap After Bite on them immediately - I still have scars from 10 years ago where I didn't get the bite quickly enough and it went into blisters.
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Thanks everyone. I feel perfectly fine (I'm always hot and sweaty at the moment Sqad!) so will just keep an eye on it. Boxtops, according to google, cider vinegar and soap take the itch away so that's what I used...the jury's out on whether it worked or not though. I am just a bit concerned about the hardness of it. I have been scratching it like mad so no doubt that doesn't help!
Stop scratching, stick a plaster on it..... you don't want it to blister, otherwise it might get infected (been there, done that) :-(
watch out for cellulitis. I have scars from 20 years ago :(
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Wish I'd never asked now...getting worried!!
Take a anti-histamine tablet,or use a anti-histamine cream.
I am allergic to insect bites...whenever I get bit,it swells up enormously,goes very red and hot,and,of course,hurts!.Whenever I go on holiday where I can possibly can be bit,I get a course of antibiotics to take with me off the doc.
l also,get those wristbands and plenty of anti-insect spray.
Better to be safe than sorry
Gnats love me too, I get very nasty bites, but never scratch them, just gently rub them rub if I have to.i hate them little blighters.
If the bite had started to die down and now is red again and is now two inches in size, then secondary infection is possible. There is no way of diagnosing this over the Internet, so you will need to visit your doctor to see whether you need antibiotics. Fever is a relatively late sign in cellulitis.
Let us know how you got on.

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Infected Mozzie Bite

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