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daisya | 20:45 Thu 11th Jul 2013 | Health & Fitness
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Having a discussion with a friend who informed me the NHS are now only doing free eye tests every two years (for those qualified for them) and not every year as it has been.

I am sure free eye tests have been every two years for a long time now and not every year unless you have a medical condition. Can anyone please tell me who is right and for how long they have been available for two years and has it ever been every year for those who qualify?

Thanks for your help.


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My optician has been every two years unless there is a significant deterioration in sight requiring a new prescription. It is still yearly for under 16s though.
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Thanks daffy, I thought it was every two years and now wondering how long that has been in as friend maintains it's been free every year until now. Think she has summat in a twist lol.
I get an eye test every two years and think this has always been the case. My friend gets one every year as her mother had glaucoma.
It's definitely only every two years, and has been so for ages, unless you have a condition which warrants more frequent testing.
Maybe Scotland is different, as I've been getting one every year since reachiing 65.

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