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berniecuddles | 05:11 Tue 09th Jul 2013 | Health & Fitness
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hi dr sqad lol
quick question if i may last year dr put me on [email protected] to stop water retention in my feet i must admit they have helped but after taken a tablet (1 a day) i don't stop going to the toilet for a wee now next month i'm off to Florida for a couple of weeks and am going on a few trips i don't fancy keep having to stop every 5 mins to go to the toilet so what to do?


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Dear cuddles....please find enclosed lackey bands.....have a nice holiday ! xx
At what time of day do you take your tablet and over how many hours does it work? Maybe you could change when you take it so that you were weeing evening and overnight? Is it really and honestly every five minutes?
bernie..on the day that you go on the trips, don 't take your Frusemide

No big deal.
sqad, on the day of the trips would it be advisable for Bernie to take his medication on his return , florida will be very warm at this time I imagine ?
anne....yes, but then he might have his sleep disturbed.

It will do no harm to miss the diuretic half a dozen times whilst on holiday.
unless he gets breathless ?
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thx for all your replies think i will take tablet in the evening and see how it goes you would be surprised at how many times this tablet makes you go lol!
My clients just avoid taking it in the morning when they are going out. They work for the following hours after taking, so if you take it in the evening, you might be up a few times in the night.

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