Sqad Are You There Please.? I Could Really Do With Some Help Please...........

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lilacben | 14:59 Wed 19th Jun 2013 | Health & Fitness
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Last night my granddaugther, 10, was admitted to hospital. it seemed she had an appendicitis, they operated and found it hadnt burst, as they thought it had. so did keyhope surgery and removed it. This morning she is still in pain.....they now say she has an infection? so have taken bloods and chest x ray.? In you opinon what may be going on.? Many thanks Brenda xx


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Welll........from what you have posted.

Was the diagnosis of acute appendicitis correct? Removing it doesn't mean that it was the problem. Ask them if the appendix was normal.

Two things spring to mind:

a) the diagnosis was and is Mesenteric big deal and not life threatening.
b) a urinary tract infection, uncomfortable but not life threatening.

The above two are not uncommon in a 10year old and should be resolved quite easily.

Look forward to some feedback.
also Lilac,
have you thought of er actually asking the doctors in charge of your grand daughter's case ?
Question Author
sqad, I cannot get into the hospital as I am covered in a red ,itchy rash. so having to go by phone messages.
I told my daughter to ask if it was the appendix and the answer was. it was very swollen and red.
When the doctor first saw her she had a temperature and was in terrible pain , more so when he touched her abdomen. Then she was sick.
They thought the appendix had burst but after the bloods results came back they decided they hadnt and did the key hole surgery.
This morning when the doctor did his rounds he pressed her tummy and she was still in extreme pain and than they said they thought it was an infection. more bloods taken and now x rays. no more news since.
Thankyou Brenda xx

\\\\I told my daughter to ask if it was the appendix and the answer was. it was very swollen and red. \\\

That is a "stock reply" for it was normal.........believe me.

My two differential diagnosis are more likely.

Don't worry.

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sqad, I did wonder if they didnt really need to take it out. But now to find the real cause of the pain.?
Thankyou again Brenda x
Honestly these questions are more usefully discussed with the team caring for the child......
My son was in hospital at about four years old with severe pains in his stomach and vomiting. They ruled out appendicitis (although not sure how) and said that children often get stomach pains with viral or bacterial infection as the lymph nodes in the stomach swell up. Apparently much more common in children than adults. My daughter also had this at a young age once.
Hopefully, they can treat any infection there, or let her recover herself, if viral
and the stomach pains will go.
Lots of love to her, anyway xx
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Peter Pedant, I do understand what you mean but in no way is sqad actually diagnosing an illness as a hospital doctor would. He is a very clever and intelligent gentleman who was a Doctor of Medicine and I am simply asking his opinion and to which he is helping me to understand it. Have you tried getting a straight answers from the Doctors and Hospital these days.????
I am only the grandmother I know but am very worried about my grandchildren when they are ill. I am just asking his opinon and he is always very helpful.
It is nice to have things explained to you in "english".
Honestly law questions are more usefully discussed with one's legal team. Doesn't stop you answering though PP, or people asking
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sqad, Update for you. I was able to visit tonight and actually saw the surgeon. She was sending my GD down for an ultra scan just to "make sure there was nothing else going on." The bloods came back ok and so did the scan. So now they say it must be the air in her tummy causing the pains . I did mention I had heard about the lymph nodes in the stomach and she said the condition you mentioned. she also said yes she was wondering if it was that. But my GD was in so much pain they really thought her appendix had burst.
So hopefully she will be out tomorrow.
Many thanks again for all your input and help.
Brenda xx
Be positive lilacben, she'll never get appendicitis now! Hope she feels better soon. Bless.
lilachen...thanks for the update.

Question Author
mass it.! No thankfully she wont.! on drip for infection??? and they seem worried about white blood cells.(thought that would be the white blood cells.)
Brenda xx
Thanks.....still could be lymph glands or urinary tract infection...interesting.
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latest from hospital. They dont think its her liver. (thats a new one) but antibiotics not working so they have doubled them to see if there is any result.if not that going to speak with surgeon again. they have taken the appendix to investigate if it was infected. They also said the pain is all around the right side,chest and shoulder.?
It never seems to be straight forward with our family.!
Brenda x
It will be sorted me...;-)
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sqad I do trust you......but not the hospital.!! I am sure they dont know what they are doing.!
Brenda xx
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Well final post on this (I hope). Hospital letting her out today. They have now said it was a lung infection she had that made her so poorly, now wither it was as well as appendix..or not we will never know will we.! Thankyou to sqad and everyone else who has answered.
Brenda x
It must also be remembered that an appendectomy is quite a serious operation, I was off work in some pain for 2 weeks at least, and in hospital for 3 days after mine.

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Sqad Are You There Please.? I Could Really Do With Some Help Please...........

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