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society | 20:20 Tue 04th Jun 2013 | Health & Fitness
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A relative suffers from asthma and I would like to gift them a nebuliser. Any one of you lovely people use one, or have any knowledge about them? Any help would be much appreciated.

I've looked online but having your personal experience and recommendation are more valuable to me than reading random Google searches.

I would like to surprise them with it. Thanks


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A lot would depend on what it was required for (that sounds daft I know) but you can get mains powered / battery powered portables and combination ones.
My wife has one supplied by the NHS, mains powered and called Medix 2000.
She has been using it 4 times a day for 18 months and it's still going strong and hasn't given any problems.
I thought people who needed them got them on prescription - am I wrong?
Not all GPs are prepared to prescribe the stuff to put in the nebuliser, mine won't.

As nebulisers can be quite expensive for a decent one it is not something I would recommend be bought as a gift without first knowing if the recipient's doctor feels they would benefit from having one and is happy to prescribe the medication for it.
They are not available on prescription. They are not really suitable as a gift. If your relative is that bad, they would be given one on loan from the hospital or doctors surgery. Some consultants don't recommend that you get one yourself, as if you have a really bad asthma attack, you would be tempted to treat yourself at home rather than seeking medical help.
boxtops, no, nebulisers are not given on prescription except in very rare cases.
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Thanks Chrisgel.

I am guessing here but I believe it is to be used for helping them inhale their asthma medicine. Currently they use a pump which they put in their mouth and squeeze, I think. I am looking for something not big or bulky as it would be easier to travel with it. With all these restrictions at airports one can never be too careful.
Some use a clear plastic spacer. This has a one way valve. I will see if I can find a link.
I dont think its a suitable gift at all. Mine is from NHS. Daffy is right,if doctor decides if patient would benefit from one, then the patient will get one and all medication for it, on the NHS
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I so much appreciate each of you input here. It is for my BIL so I'll have my sister look at what all you have said on here, and see if she's still interested in him having one.

I thank you all very much for helping me. xx
I use a spacer but it is much smaller than the one shown on the above link. It is called an aerochamber and it fits in my handbag when I am away from home. I got it on prescription.

Hope this helps. X
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Alice, thanks for that. Let me hear what she has decided.
should probably consult a doc

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