Pregabalin Update/advice.

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divegirl | 09:36 Thu 16th May 2013 | Health & Fitness
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Further to this post:

I have now been taking this drug for just over a month and am up to a dose of 200mg a day... and feel worse than ever.
Previous to this I was taking diclofenec, co-codamol and Amitriptyline and though I felt they weren't helping it seems that only since stopping them I've realised how much they were doing... not so much for the back pain but for the arthritis in my ankles. I'm now back to hobbling around like and old woman and can not walk more than 50 yards before being felled by back pain and sciatic pain in my leg.
I have been referred to a pain clinic but who knows how long that will take to come through...
Sorry not much of a question... just feeling more than a little sorry for myself right now lol

Lisa x


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Sorry to hear that.....200mgms a day? may have to double that for pain relief.
Don't do it though without notifying your GP.
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Thank you Sqad, I'm hoping the pain clinic well be of some help, my GP mentioned Bu-trans patches and though I have tried them years ago and they didn't work that was for a prolapsed disc where as now I have
'aposterocentral and posterolateral disc osteophyte complex causing effacement of the epidural fat anterior to the theocal sac and minor deformity of the theocal sac'
Apparently :0/

Lisa x
I think that you will find it is "thecal sac"...........sounds a candidate for surgery to me......
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Again, the GP mentioned that but said it would be a last resort, the have to follow the 'given route'. Its soul destroying, I can barely leave the house and would just prefer to get it over and done with, fingers crossed that the pain clinic sees it that way too.
Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Lisa x
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and opps on the spelling... I typed that from memory you know ;0)
lisa. you poor thing. there is nothing worse than chronic , I hope you appointment comes soon.
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Thank you Anna, I have to call in to my GP surgery next Tuesday and the its a ring and reserve service, I'm hoping the little private hospital just down the road from me is on there, I don't drive and this would be the easiest to get to. A friend had his hip done there a couple of months ago so fingers crossed.

Lisa x

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Pregabalin Update/advice.

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