Tuning Fork At The Doctors

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chrissa1 | 15:30 Thu 21st Feb 2013 | Health & Fitness
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I was at the doctors this morning and in passing, asked if my tinnitus in one ear would make a hearing aid useless. If I close my good ear, I can barely hear out of the other one.

She got out a tuning fork, boinged it and held it to each ear. Then she boinged it and placed it on the top of my head and asked which ear I could hear the vibration through. I could hear it only through the bad ear.

Can anyone tell me why I could only hear it through that ear and what does it mean? (Don't say, "deaf in one ear".) Lol.

I'm being referred to the Hearing Clinic. TIA.


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Yes.......I can.

If you place the tuning fork on the centre of your head and you hear it better in your DEAF ear....then the problem lies in the middle ear.

If you place the tuning fork on the centre of your head and you hear it in you BETTER ear......then the problem lies in the inner ear.

In you suggests a middle ear problem.
Is this the same fork thingy that the doctor used on my feet during my diabetes check? And my knees at some point?
wolfy.....I doubt it.........I think that you may well be referring to a patellar hammer to check for reflexes.
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Thanks Sqad. But, can middle ear deafness be helped by a Hearing Aid?
chrissa: I have right-sided Menieres with associated tinnitus and hearing-loss and was given an NHS digital aid (with volume control) for that ear. It's very useful.
Yes it fact is the best deafness to have if one is being fitted with a hearing aid.

Also, if it is due to a condition called otosclerosis, then an operation may be worth considering.

Tuning fork tests are valuable, but an audiogram ( hearing test) is absolutely essential before any treatment is considered.
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Thanks Sqad. I'll look forward to being able to hear properly again.

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Tuning Fork At The Doctors

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