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queenio | 15:15 Mon 22nd Oct 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Does anybody know if these work. Now and then I get a numbness in my left leg, and if I'm walking when it happens, it's as though I have no control over it - it feels as though my left leg is on a slippery surface. I'm hoping this booster would help me as it could be to do with circulation. Many thanks.


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I don't think it has anything to do with circulation. I had a 'trapped nerve' in my back as a result of slipped discs. My left foot sometimes felt as though it was numb and I had to use a walking stick for a while.
Go see the doctor. As Sandy says could be a trapped nerve but, could also be periphreal neuropathy especially if you tend to walk, 'flat-footed'
Circulation idea what you are talking about

\\\Now and then I get a numbness in my left leg, \\\\

Have you got any underlying medical condition for which you are having treatment?

How long has this "numbness" affected you.....weeks? months? years?
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Thanks Sandy and Beegee, will see doc., and perhaps rule out trapped nerve.
queenio....just thank you for your reply.

Bloody rude.

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circulation boosters

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