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Infomaniac | 14:07 Thu 11th Oct 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Do any of you have the flu jab each winter? I keep being offered it by my surgery and I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions/advice?


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yep i have it every year,also i get the flu every year
always have it every year no complications, have you ever had the flu if so you would have the jab, go for it
I have it every year because I am 'an at risk' category being over 65 and having cardiac and respiratory issues. My advice would be to have it, though it a personal choice sort of thing.
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Thanks. I'll check these out. I guess I should have done a search first.
Yes I have the flu jab every year (october) time,infact I've just had it last tuesday.No side affects just a little tenderness of the arm for a day or two.I would rather have this than the actual flu.
The flu jab is not successful for all viruses and only cover the main strains for that year. I have met people who say they get the flu even though they have had the jab.

They are looking at a universal jab which covers all strains and you only need to have it once for future years. Why they haven't introduced it yet is beyond me...maybe sales from drug manufactuers would dry up and therefore decreased profits.
Ok here is on for you. I have had the flu jab once (offered by GP surgery on account of being asthmatic) I have had the flu once...... same year??
I put it down to rotten luck but havent had the jab since
More info about this flu jab you need only once:
I meet a lot of people who have a bad cold and tell me they have flu
Don't forget your zinc supplement.
I always have it. There is much to gain and nothing much to lose. Some people do react uncomfortably to it but I am not one and you'll never know if you are unless you try it.

As a possible side effect I've had many fewer colds since I began having the jab, though this ought not to be related.
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Thanks all. I have been offered it the day before I leave for a two-week holiday and, on the off-chance I react badly to it, I'll try and make an appointment for when I get back.
Went to get mine yesterday but didn't get it as the fridge was at the wrong temperature and 800 jabs had to be destroyed. They are waiting for a new batch.
Have it info - had mine on Saturday, didn't feel a thing, no reaction whatsoever, not even a tender arm.
The concept of a universal flu vaccine remains a holy grail. Several teams are working on such vaccines around the globe, and are at various stages of their development.

Not quite sure why pdq would assume that the fact that one has not been introduced as yet is some sort of conspiracy - the pharma industry are guilty of many things, and if you want to scare and educate yourself, read Ben Goldacres book, Bad Pharma, but this is not an example of that.

For a vaccine to progress to become a viable product available to the mass market, it has to pass a whole series of milestones, all of which takes time, effort, resource, and money. These range from proving the concept, demonstrating efficacy, demonstrating it is at least as good as the current products in the market, animal studies, small scale human studies, larger scale human studies, and finally phase 3 trials which are large scale human studies. At every stage, the regulator has to be involved.

This all takes time and money. Given how new such vaccines are, it might take 10 years before we get a viable product.

Currently, the vaccine at the most advanced stage of development is at phase 2 trials and evaluation. Some way to go yet.

For those interested, the following link gives a reasonable overview of the stages of development that a vaccine has to progress through.
Lazygun I stand corrected, 'the drug companies are not making excessive profits'. You don't work for Glaxo... by any chance?
No I help to regulate them :)
I've been asked to go to local surgery tomorrow morning (Sat) for this years jabbing... I've had it for the past Six years and figure if its suggested that you take it there must be a good reason as its not offered to everyone.

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