Omega 3 fish oil

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queenio | 15:35 Tue 09th Oct 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Can anyone recommend a fish oil? There are so many on the market I just can't choose. It has to be liquid as otherwise my gullet becomes sore. Many thanks.


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I would have thought that Omega 3 Fish Oil was Omega 3 Fish Oil and any health type shop could offer you a suitable version ?
Krill Oil seems to be the in thing now, see link

I've used this- (it was cheaper when I ordered,but will last 4 months) User Recommendation

Healthspan also do a reasonably priced one.
This should have been my first link- User Recommendation
Google it, as Pastafreak says cheaper on line. I use this in capsule form and I used a company called Woods Health ast time out.
Why bother?

There is no significant scientific trials which suggest that it does anything to reduce the incidence of strokes or heart attacks or relieve the pain of arthritis.
Sqad, in your opinion, are there any supplements that are worth taking? opinion? LOL...not really.

probably Vitamin C a push.
I gather from a Dr. Mercola's web site that most fish oils (Cod Liver Oil, etc) can be contaminated by pollutants/poisons in the sea due to the age and size of the fish being caught but Krill oil is made from the small, shrimp-like creatures which are caught while still young and small and therefore haven't lived long enough to absorb any pollutants.
Just a thought but it kind of makes sense to me.

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Omega 3 fish oil

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