Where do you carry your weight

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fruitsalad | 14:38 Thu 27th Sep 2012 | Health & Fitness
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I can't believe how fast I put the weight on my waist and stomach no where else my legs arms and hips are quite slim I usually do a lot of exercise but haven't been quite as good the last couple of weeks due to a bad back and then a cold and I can really tell the difference in my middle... what part of the body do you put weight on first?


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All around my middle since I started the menopause, before that I was a very skinny size 8 with no hips and a flat chest.
I started HRT 3 days ago and I'm hoping it will help me in my weight loss effort, in the last 2 years it hasn't mattered how little I have eaten my weight has crept up to 10st 4lb from 8st 3lb :(
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That could be my problem then daffy I haven't actually noticed start of the menopause yet but don't think it can be far off I am 54
I'm 44 and haven't had a period for 17 months now. I don't think my doctor believed I was post menopausal when I went to see him last week so he ordered blood tests to check hormone levels. I went back for the results on Tuesday and he agreed that I needed HRT to combat my symptoms of hot flushes, night sweats, moodiness, weight gain that won't shift and various other niggles. He said a lot of women gain weight around the middle at this time of life and it can be hell to shift.

Another reason is hypothyroidism.

It wouldn't hurt to ask your doctor to test for both. :)
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It's all beginning to make sense now daffy I do suffer with Underactive thyroid thanks for your comments
I've been ballooning up on oral steroids and it's gone on my cheeks and under my chin and tummy, I feel so puffy and urgh! Hopefully a lot of water retention which will shift when I stop them!
Jenna, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but If your face is fatter or you have gained weight on your abdomen or the back of your neck then it is more likely to be fat weight gain than water, water retention due to steroids tends to be in lower extremities.
I am 85 and I looked as if I was 6 months pregnant. Awful. I have been going to Weight Watchers and have lost just over a stone and it does look a bit better (5 months instead of 6 months) but it is still there. I hope by the time I have reached my goal weight (9 stone 2 lbs) which is another 1 stone 2 lbs it will have gone down considerably but whenever I put on weight that is where it goes. If I was a man it would be a beer belly but as it is I don't know what to call it - horrible springs to mind.
I'm currently bloated to the size of a 5 months pregnant woman, this is apparently because of the HRT and is common in very early use. I have been assured that it will go soon and I really hope it does as I can't do any of my clothes up and it is really uncomfortable!
On my stomach, I don't seem to have a waist any more.
I used to have a problem with a bloated tummy until I read that eating fruit during a meal causes bloating. By eating fruit late afternoon so on an empty stomache I no longer have the problem. Hope this can help you too. If you have fruit for breakfast eat it first then shower then have your breakfast.
Boobs....always boobs. To some people that might sound like a good thing....IT'S NOT.
Around the middle. Not so much the tum and definitely not the hips or boobs, legs or arms, but my bloomin' waist and midriff area!!!! Hmmmmph.
Nooooooo! Just as well I lost a load of weight with the gallstones beforehand.

My boobs don't seem to go down much either. I lost 2 stone with the gallstones and went from a G cup to maybe into an F!

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