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fredkins | 09:48 Thu 27th Sep 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Hi there Squad, can you help with a little bit of advice,nothing serious I do'nt think.I have a fatty like lump on my foot it's not on either side of my ankle but on the bone at the front,It do'esnt hurt.Sometimes, not that often it aches but apart from that It looks more awful than It Is problem.Have you any Ideas as to what It could be?


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sounds like a bunion developing to me......
Scuse Fred. Message for you DT on socks........harumph!
On socks?? That's too much to think about in the fuzzy state I am, gness.....
sorry Fred - got it now and responded, gness.
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DT, Hi no I don't think Its a bunion,I could be wrong but It Is so soft and I think In the wrong place for this,It is quite a large lump.
LOL....not very descriptive.....but Google Morton's Neuroma (Metatarsalgia) and get back to us for some comments.
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No it's not that It's no-where near my toes or ball of my foot, It's where (for example: you would see signs of water retention, at the front of my foot,top, between the two ankle bones.
can you get ganglions in the foot, sqad?
DT.... ganglions on the foot.....extremely unusual.

fred.......could be a lipoma......non malignant fatty tumour, but an unusual place. Nothing sinister comes to mind.
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I have had ganglions in the past but they were harder,I had them in my knees and yes I remember having one on this foot a good few years ago but it disappeared,could this have something to do with it (this is not a ganglion I know I've had before) It's like It Is full of liquid.Ganglions are like gristle.
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Thanks Squad and DT for your answers,I think I will have It checked out. last "throw of the dice" could be a bursa....unusual in that spot, but you never say never in medicine.

I have played all my cards fred.

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