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Postdog | 18:47 Tue 07th Aug 2012 | Health & Fitness
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Is it at all possible for a doctor, optician, or more importantly an ESA ATOS assessment nurse to tell from an eye examination whether I am genuinely suffering double or blurred vision.

Now I'm not trying to con my way to benefits. As some on here know I DO have a genuine problem that prevents me from working, and strictly speaking I should have been getting them for ages already. I have applied for ESA again after the failed attempt last year when in spite of falling over, wobbling and shaking the ESA nurse felt I was fit enough to work. Mind you then I wasn't properly diagnosed and because of what the diagnosis was I opted to collect my work pension early in case I didn't make the proper age and have been living off that.

Now as anyone who saw the Panorama programme last week will know, you virtually have to be clinically dead to pass their assesment, and I don't want to suffer that again if I can help it.

I genuinely do suffer from various problems as a result of my problem (slow growing brain tumour) and these have got worse over time. Things like intermittent double and blurred vision, mildly oppresive headaches, general weakness, unsteady on my feet, sudden dizzy spells, shaking spells meaning at times I can't write or use a keyboard. Probably the main and most constant thing is I can't walk very far now - in fact I'm using a mobility scooter outside.

The thing is, these affects only get to me the more I physically do. To look at me when I do little, you'd swear there is nothing much wrong with me, but on bad days and within as little as ten minutes I can become useless. Not always though, as I have good days and bad days but bad outnumber the good lately. The thing is I have learned the hard way you need to lay it on thick to get anywhere, and as such I don't want to risk some wannabe doctor who works for a private firm where it rumoured no-one passes, spoiling things again. I'm lucky in that I have two neurologists and a neuro surgeon (plus internet evidence) to back up my claims. I'm also lucky in that I have got wise to some of the strokes they pull and am now forewarned.

There is a good chance that when they come round to assess me (I've already been told it will be a home visit) I will actually suffer one or more of the things mentioned, but the testing of eyesight worries me in case they can determine when tested that I am not actually suffering too much at that time. Other than that most of the other things are either my word only (as I say backed up by doctors and web evidence) or, like the walking and shaking, obvious.

As I said I am not trying to con anyone here. This problem means I can't work and all I want is to ensure I get what I should be entitled to.


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take a relative if possible,letters from doctors etc.

its a sad state of affairs where atos get paid for getting people of esa who are genuine.

good luck and remember i think 70% of people who are declared fit wrongfully get the decision overturned.

my grandma has had both her legs amputated, needs help going to the toilet along with other ailments.

she felt intimidated visibly when being "interrogated" by atos
ATOS who sponsor the Paralympics....oh the irony !
you serious baz?
I accompanied someone to an ATOS medical and it is a good job I did because the medical report was a complete work of fiction. The person I went with is brain injured after a car crash and told the ATOS doctor that he had no memory of the crash. In the report the doctor wrote "Mr A described in detail his accident and had full recollection of it."
Please do not go on your own.
I don't know if it is true but someone told me the ATOS staff get paid £250 for every applicant they fail, and that they DO have a quota
Get a claims specialist from the CAB to do your claim form. If you have already done it your self get a CAB adviser to be there at the interview. If they fail you then get the CAB to do the appeal.
We had a CAB advisor to do my wife's claim and it was successful , they simply know the best way to express the problems you have and can do it far better than you can do it yourself. The CAB advisor who did my wife's claim told us there was 'An art' to getting a successful claim.
Yes it is true that ATOS only get paid if they fail an applicant or at least they get a £250 bonus for every claim they refuse or cancel. That is why 70% of appeals succeed if a proffesional or CAB advisor does the appeal.
There is a long waiting list for a CAB advisor so get on the phone tomorrow.
sorry typing to fast , meant ronnie
too , not to !

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